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shorneHello, in my latest mail to richard, we dicussed removing the 64 bit gdb sim...09:02
shornedoes anyone use 64bit openrisc?09:02
bandvigshorne: Which files you are going to clean up? I’m about double floating point support on 32-bit architecture.09:17
shornebandvig: its binutils-gdb/sim/*64.[ch] I think no one will notice09:22
bandvigshorne: Does it require changing md-files?09:36
bandvigshorne: Let me clarify. I suppose that most of “c” an “h” files in sim are CGEN-generated.09:40
bandvigshorne: And I made modification in md-files (and run CGEN to re-generate ASM-related [ch]) to fix 64-bit FP-instruction support in 32-bit architectures09:43
bandvigshorne: If md-files will be affected, it looks I would had to repeat these steps for next version of binutils09:45
bandvigshorne: as my pull request isn’t accepted yet09:46
bandvigshorne: I hope if md-files changing is required for removing 64-bit from sim the modification doesn’t prevent usage 64-bit FPX extension for 32-bit archs.09:50
shornebandvig: it doesnt require change, the binutils/cpu/or1k.cpu still has 64 bit. I just removed the generation from the sim/or1k Makefile.in10:00
shornewe should accept any pull requests though10:01
bandvigOK, understood10:02
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