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shornepsychotrope: you ask a qestion about openrisc speed, it runs at 50mhz on de0-nano03:56
shorneit boots linux (linus's latest) in about 5 seconds03:56
shorneits pretty much fast enough to be usable, but you will need some peripherals for it to be useful03:57
shornewallento: You haven't done a gcc release for a while03:57
shorneI was planning on pushing a gcc 5.4.0 release + binaries to github03:58
shorneSo you have any preference/scripts for how you did the release before?03:58
wallentoshorne: that would be awesome, I actually have it pretty high on my todo list04:13
wallentobecause we are setting up a tools environment for librecores CI04:13
wallentobut you know those TODO lists..04:14
wbxshorne: did you know that buildroot now supports openrisc and has a qemu defconfig?04:14
wallentowbx: cool, I will try it out soon too04:14
wbxthe buildroot autobuilders now testing all packages.04:15
wbxthere is an open issue with gstreamer, does OpenRISC allow or disallow unaligned access?04:15
wbxwallento: at the moment uClibc-ng only, musl support works, but I can't successfully boot a musl based system in qemu.04:16
shornewbx: I didnt know that04:52
shornewbx: it doesnt really allow unaligned access04:52
shornewe could catch unaligned access in the interrupt handler and try to figure out what was wanted04:53
shornebut I think the stance has been to fix the c code to avoid that kind of thing04:53
shornewallento: I was asking if you had some tools to do before?  or was it all manual?04:54
shorneI just created this over the last few days04:54
shorneIts a few scripts + docker image to..04:56
shorne  - Build musl, newlib + nolib toolchains04:56
shorne - github scripts to create a release and upload all the binaries as assets04:56
shorneI.e. creates something like this05:00
shornewbx: but cool, I am meaning to try out buildroot, for now though I have about 20 lines build script to create a simple linux directory with busybox and musl libs05:01
wallentoshorne: Only the scripts I use from the repo08:04
wallentocan't exactly remember08:04
wallentobut I wrote some scripts I think08:04
wallentoAnd documented the steps in the wiki08:04
wallentothanks for the repo with the build, will have a look08:05
shorne_wallento: ok, thanks ill have a look08:29
shorne_wallento: I found this
shorne_ok, cool so you just have the commands I kind of automated it all08:37
shorne_Ill update the twiki's I dont think there is much difference from what I did08:37
shorne_I need to make my automation do the patches too08:38
shorne_Testing with a kernel build would be good to08:38
shorne_or something else08:39
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wbxshorne: the interesting part are the autobuilders to see what toolchain bugs are triggered10:34
olofkpsychotrope: Welcome. Happy to help you getting Linux running on OpenRISC on the de0 nano or de215:28
olofkI'm the author of FuseSoC and long time OpenRISC member15:28
olofkOh, and I just got a second daughter this morning, so I probably won't have much time to spend here for some time :)15:28
olofkwbx: Awesome! I've been wanting buildroot (or one of the alternatives) for many years now. Please let us know how we can help out if you're having any troubles15:29
olofkshorne: I saw that someone asked for pictures of running OpenRISC systems a while ago. Three things that come to mind15:30
olofk1. The NASA TechEdSat. There's a nice picture of a cube floating around in space which apparently has an OpenRISC running on an Actel board inside15:30
olofk2. Some Samsung Digital TVs use OpenRISC for mp3 decoding. Not sure which models though15:31
olofk3.5 (forgot this one) Some of the Allwinner SoCs have an OpenRISC for some basic tasks. I think at least stekern has an actual tablet with one of those inside15:31
olofk4. Again, stekern has some cool screenshots of running Monkey Island and Full Throttle under X windows on FPGA dev boards15:32
olofkoh, and 5. poke53281's where you can run a JavaScript implementation of OpenRISC and fire up SCUMMVM under X windows IIRC15:33
olofkI'll try to dig up the pictures, but maybe someone else can find them faster15:34
wbxolofk: congratulation. my son is in the pipe coming in may ;)15:37
olofkwbx: Thanks and best wishes to you15:40
olofkshorne: Regarding Mike Frysinger's patch review: Peter Gavin didn't work for Cygnus. He did it as part of his PhD, so he probably was sloppy when he copied the headers. Other explanation is that they might be even older. Could someone check the old SVN repo?15:53
raholofk: congratulations :-)16:24
shorneolofk: congratulations, I got my second one one the way too, not sure what it is16:34
shorneolofk: thanks for the tips on Peter Gavin's work I was not sure what capacity he was working on the project. I am pretty sure he did it all from my previous looks in svn.16:35
shorneolofk: Also, in terms of images I think they were just looking for screenshots of qemu running16:41
shorneBut those ones you mention we should definitely get onto if we can get copyleft images16:41
shorneThe powerpc link above is an example of what qemu guys are after16:42
olofkshorne: Thanks, and congratulations too :)17:17
olofkAnd yeah, you're right. Even if those images wasn't what the qemu guys were looking for, we should collect them on
olofkHaven't thought about copyright of the TechEdSat photo. Used it in plenty of presentations without thinking about that17:19
olofkAlmost done cleaning up the verilator backend for FuseSoC now. A lot more work than I expected, but the result will be much better17:21
shorneI am uploading new release  + binaries right now for gcc, musl, newlib + nolib18:06
shorneAnyone want to check my draft?
shorneYou might need to have admin rights on openrisc to see it18:27
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