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stekernshorne: what's the problem now?04:18
shornestekern: havent had time to trace it... getting some time now05:17
shorneActually, I was trying to compile the kernel in debug mode05:17
shorneso I could better tie the code to the assembly05:18
shornebut got an error "unaligned opcodes"... I fixed that and am adding a patch.  The issue is the ".strings" in head.S are in executable section.  SO dwarf generation complains.05:19
shornenow running debug kernel05:19
shorneand it works fine05:19
shorneI think my pc adjustment fails06:06
shorneafter l.rfe, code dies, adjustment logic shouldnt be hit and it is06:07
shorneyup boots without my code :)06:18
shorneso my qemu patch works, but not my kernel patch06:20
shornestekern: this is failing on this line06:21
shorneWhen exception is not in delay slot this if condition evaluates true.06:22
shorneif (regs->sr & SPR_SR_DSX) {06:22
shornedid I write something wrong there?06:23
shorneIt should be false... maybe another bug in qemu06:23
stekernmaybe it doesn't implement the DSX flag?06:24
shorneit does...06:26
shorneI think its management of when its in the delay slot is wrong06:26
shornestekern: fyi
shornebut I think D_FLAG has a bug06:28
shorneah... doh, qemu will DSX in delay, but then never clear it ever16:39
shorneok, qemu fixed16:41
shornemy adjust pc code works16:41
shorneok, qemu patch sent, now I think linux patches are ready16:58
shorneI would have to say qemu is pretty nice (compared to or1ksim) it might be a bit faster17:26
shorneah... checkpatch warnings18:33
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