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ZipCPUolofk_ and mithro: I highly commend the idea of using a wishbone-type interface to access the debugging port and registers.09:20
ZipCPUI've used it myself and really like it.09:20
ZipCPUI also control everything from an external UART<->Wishbone interface.09:21
ZipCPUThat allows me to set memory, burn flash, experiment with any peripherals as though it were the CPU accessing them, all from a simple interface.09:21
ZipCPUMy choice to use it was based upon a need for a simple interface that could then be used to debug a much more +09:21
ZipCPUcomplex interface (PCIe).09:22
mithroZipCPU: I have all that side working, I now want an interface for controlling the CPU via that09:30
ZipCPUYeah, mithro, I can do all that--to include controlling the CPU, I just don't have the interface between that and gdb written (yet).09:49
ZipCPUControlling the CPU is/was the easy part.09:49
mithroZipCPU: yeah - that is the part I'm missing too - I was hoping to resuse something with the adv_jtag_dbg so I didn't have to write my own :-P09:50
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