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mithrokc5tja: sorry to hear that :-(04:20
kc5tjamithro: Yeah, it sucked.  Hit right on Christmas day too.11:59
olofk_mithro: Not at 33c3, but have some experience with adv_debug_sys17:38
olofk_Just added a patch to it a few days ago17:38
olofk_It's quite well-documented also17:38
mithroolofk_: So, I have a uart<->wishbone and ethernet<->wishbone bridges - I can write anything on the wishbone bus, I would like to control the debug functionality in our cpus (like the mor1k) and trying to figure out how to interface this with maybe adv_debug_sys rather than using jtag...17:39
olofk_Out of curiosity, are you using etherbone?17:40
mithroolofk_: yes, I think we are compatible with etherbone but I believe it's _florent_'s reimplementation17:42
olofk_What do you mean with "rather than using jtag"? The normal setup is pc client (e.g. openocd) <-> jtag <-> jtag tap (e.g. jtag_tap or xilinx_bscan or altera_virtual_jtag) <-> adv_debug_sys <-> Wishbone/mor1kx17:43
mithroThis is on litex+liteeth17:43
mithroolofk_: I was thinking something like        pc client <-> wishbone bridge <-> wishbone <-> adv_debug_sys <-> mor1kx17:44
olofk_There are probably a few ways to do this, some of them likely horribly complicated :)17:48
olofk_adv_debug_sys is controlled by the tap interface (example here
mithroolofk_: I can connect them to csr registers on the wishbone bus, but I would really like to do more than one bit at a time17:53
olofk_So one way could be to use Franck Jullien's jtag_vpi interface to serialize the commands into a byte stream. Then you could do pc <-> (byte_stream_to_jtag_bridge) <-> jtag_tap <-> adv_debug_sys17:53
olofk_But it would likely be a lot less efficent than what you have today17:53
olofk_or maybe not actually, since you could run the fake jtag clock quite high17:54
olofk_The other way would probably be to bypass adv_debug_sys entirely (or reuse the parts facing the CPU)17:55
olofk_The interface towards the CPU is wishbone-like17:56
mithroolofk_: I would like to reuse as much as possible for the lm32 and the clifford's pico-risc-v thing too18:22
olofk_mithro: The pulp guys reused adv_debug_sys for their risc-v core called ri5cy. That could be a starting point18:24
olofk_I guess they still use jtag on the controlling side though18:24
olofk_And yes, since you asked, of course, it's already packaged for FuseSoC :)18:25
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