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olofk_kc5tja: I don't think I added the .core file anywhere. Just have them locally01:48
kc5tjaAhh, OK.  In that case, you might want to look at the new repo directory layout.  (Not a big change, but a breaking one all the same.)02:04
olofk_Are we talking about sam-falvo/polaris?02:08
olofk_Just pulled that one and there were some directory changes02:08
olofk_In case that was the correct one, it is now updated and prints hello world02:13
-!- olofk_ is now known as olofk02:17
kc5tjaThe official repo is kestrelcomputer/polaris, but sam-falvo/polaris is my personal fork.02:32
olofkkc5tja: ok, so where do you want the pull requests? :)02:37
kc5tjaPRs should definitely be made against kestrelcomputer/polaris.03:37
* kc5tja checks to see if he merged yet...03:37
kc5tjaOK, everything is all merged up.03:38
olofkAlright then, I'll do a new pull request then03:39
kc5tjaBedtime for me.03:49
olofkkc5tja: If you pull that one, I'll submit a .core file next03:54
olofkgood night03:55
shorne_franck_: Hello, I think I got all the change to the target-descriptor done that Yao suggested. I simplified things a bit07:08
shorneneed some more testing.07:08
shorne_franck_: one question, do you know about the 'spr' commands in gdb? From what I see if target descriptor is provided correctly from the remote target its not needed07:09
shornewould you agree about 'spr' command?  I guess it could be removed.  But maybe its needed since things like or1ksim does not provide target.xml07:10
shorneI could fix that07:10
shorneLatest changes are here09:03
shorneNow... I think thats about done, ill do some more testing09:03
shorneBut linux merge window open now, will send pull request to Linus09:03
_franck_shorne: king of something about spr command here:
shorneyeah, we can actually always run the rCmd with 'monitor writespr' or 'monitor readspr...'09:17
olofkI think it should be fine to drop the spr command. IIRC, the additions _franck_ made some years ago made it possible to access them in a more standardized way09:45
shorneolofk: yeah, thats what I am finding too09:45
olofkAnd if someone desperately needs the spr command, they will have to use our old fork09:46
shorneor they can just use 'monitor ' commands09:46
shorneolofk: btw, I made some changes to _franck_ 's work as per Yao's request09:47
shorneIll send some patches for review to the list09:47
shorneneed to clean them up09:47
shorneactually trying to make it 'more' standard way to access09:48
shorneI think we can update or1ksim to work with that standard way as well09:49
ZipCPUjuliusb: Not sure if you are watching's forums, but someone just asked you a question.  It may even be a fusesoc related question, but seems to be focused on orpsoc.12:41
olofkhesham: FYI, I just got asked a question about wb_vscale.
shornestekern: Linus merged the code. you are listed as maintainer now16:44
olofkshorne: Great job! Looking forward to see the rest of the patches merged eventually too18:03
ZipCPUWell ... this was painful, but I think I now have an AXI4 (full--not lite) master to WB slave (B4, pipelined) converter.18:17
ZipCPUNow ... if I could just figure out how to test the thing, it might be worth something.18:18
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