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bandvigolofk_: hello. I cloned your fusesoc repository and tried it on my (Win-7 + Cygwin64) PC. I tried to execute "pip install -e ." as you describe in quick guide.07:04
bandvig I received message "pip command not found".07:04
bandvig tried to find package with such command in cygwin package base, but I failed. By request "pip" a lot of packages with various *pipe* appear in search results :(07:05
bandvigCorrection: I tried ...07:05
promachany idea about program counter, data or instruction cache and branch predictor as in ?08:25
kc5tjaAnyone familiar with fusesoc here by any chance?19:22
kc5tjaI'm looking to make a breaking change to the directory layout of my CPU project, and would like to update the fusesoc files for the CPU.19:23
kc5tjaProblem is, olofk_ added these files on my behalf, and I cannot find *where* he added them.  :)19:23
promachanyone have tried understanding every signals within sim.vcd for OptimSOC baremetal hello ?22:44
promachwallento: I have identified the caches but what about branch predictor and program counter ?22:44
promachwhat about the rest of the signals ?22:44
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