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promach how many FPGA LUT resources would the multicore implementation will take approximately ?02:01
promachis it related to optimsoc ?02:02
olofkpromach: wallento is the optimsoc guy. I don't have any numbers unfortunately04:00
wallentoit is not related to optimsoc04:01
wallentothe baseline OpenRISC implementation (mor1kx) has SMP support04:01
wallentoThe only reason we did not make the SMP support for newlib mainline is that people may argue about performance losses for single cores04:02
olofkTrue. But I figured wou would have some LUT numbers :)04:02
wallentonot from my head, but it is not much more than the standard mor1kx04:02
wallentolet me check if I currently have a project on my disk04:03
olofkwallento: Hmm.. aren't those parts of newlib upstream? The reentrant functions are at least defined in newlib and reading the other code gave me the impression that it was all there04:03
wallentoyes, but it is still a define you need to set to build it04:04
wallentootherwise it builds the default04:04
wallentolike here:
wallentookay, it points to the weakest point in the port :)04:06
wallentobut anyways..04:06
promachwill the multicore implementation able to fit in Zynq7010 (Parallella Desktop) ?04:07
LoneTechI admit I don't quite get what that does. it reminds me of the isa bus pnp atrocity.04:07
olofkpromach: You would likely be able to fit a few cores in the z701004:22
promacholofk: let me build the multicore toolchain first. How would I select the "number of cores" afterwards ?04:28
promachI have this error06:13
promachcfns.gperf:101:1: error: ‘const char* libc_name_p(const char*, unsigned int)’ redeclared inline with ‘gnu_inline’ attribute06:13
promachwhile building gcc-stage-206:14
promachseems related to earlier gcc version06:14
promachmy gcc version is 6.2.106:14
promachanyone have the same problem ?06:47
olofkAny FuseSoC users on Windows here? Need some help trying out a patch07:04
promachshould I use the upstream gcc ?07:47
olofkpromach: upstream gcc doesn't have openrisc support08:04
bandvigolofk: I'm. But I'll able to help you on Saturday / Sunday08:07
promacholofk: so, need to patch gcc ?08:16
wallentopromach: definitely08:22
promachwallento: how would I trace the bug ?  I have no experience with debugging gcc ?08:30
olofkok. Screw documentation. I'm releasing FuseSoC 1.6 anyway09:47
promachRISC-V already has patch!msg/sw-dev/WAy9qJwKamI/Tx0K66dVAQAJ10:12
promachupstream has no openRISC support ?10:13
olofkpromach: I don't think RISC-V is upstream yet, is it?10:22
promachI have not used RISC-V before10:24
promachanyone have problem building gcc-stage-2 with gcc-6.x ?20:35
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promacholofk, wallento: who is actually working on openRISC repo ?23:37
promachhow to patch the gcc ?23:37
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