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mithroolofk: Any chance you are coming to 33c3?00:10
olofkshorne: I see you got some replies to the patches already02:20
olofkmithro: Unfortunately not. Would have loved to go, but I don't have the time. Are you going?02:21
olofkmithro: We were looking for you at the GSoC mentor summit btw. Thought you were going02:21
mithroWhere in the world are you located02:36
mithroolofk: Sadly, none of our team could make it to the mentor summit02:48
mithroolofk: Trying to keep my international travel to one trip a year02:48
mithroolofk: I'll be speaking at 33C3, which will be awesome hopefully02:48
mithroolofk: I'm also visiting _florent_ and the apertus guys before hand02:58
mithroAre there any other or1k FPGA implementations apart from mor1k ?03:15
olofkmithro: I'm in Sweden. I will have to keep my travel to a minimum for some time now as well, so unless you're nearby I probably won't see you :)03:33
olofkSay hi to _florent_ and the Gielda brothers if you meet them03:33
olofkAnd regarding or1k, there is or1200 (the original one), or10n (from the PULP project), altor32 (a VHDL version) and a few more that I can't think of right now03:35
olofkHope you have a good time at 33c3. I think Clifford will be talking there as well. Haven't looked at the speaker list03:35
mithroYeah, he is05:14
mithroolofk: has there been any progress on gcc upstream support? I assume nobody is working on it?05:18
olofkmithro: On the technical side, shorne and other have been trying to keep the code aligned with upstream. On the legal side, we have tried to talk to FSF about a way forward06:31
olofkBut no resolution yet06:31
wbxolofk: what is the legal issue with that? binutils is upstream, why not gcc?06:32
mithroCopyright assignment06:32
mithroSomeone said no, IIRC?06:33
wbxsomeone with code in the gcc port?06:33
olofkwbx: Everyone, except for one guy has given permission for copyright assignment. Unfortunately, his work is very early in the development, so technically the rest is based upin that06:33
wbxand this guy is no longer interested in or1k?06:34
olofkThe latest idea we had was to see if the stuff he wrote has actually been replaced by other patches06:34
olofkwbx: He is actually running very much involved, as he works for a company that makes proprietary versions of OpenRISC06:34
wbxolofk: isn't is possible to convince the guy to just offer his code as public domain, so no special fsf agreement required.06:34
olofkwbx: No. His standpoint is that he doesn't want to give up his ownership of the code06:35
olofkWhich of course is just pure fucking bogus06:35
wbxso he thinks his company benefits from these actions so that toolchain support isn't upstream or what?06:36
wbxi don't understand such actions from people working with open source.06:38
olofkwbx: Well, me neither. But there is not much more we can do to convince him :/06:55
olofkAnyone remembers how to use the adv_debug_sys UART with OpenOCD?07:02
olofkFor the documentation database: jsp port is 7777 (adv_debug_sys jtag serial port)07:19
olofkNot getting any data there unfortunatley :/07:21
olofkMaybe I should use Richard Herveille's version instead, but it uses a bit too much SystemVerilog for Icarus to handle simulations07:26
olofkWorks like a charm now!08:06
olofkIn polling mode at least. As I remember it, there is still some bug that stops it from working on Linux as soon as the interrupt is enabled08:07
shorneolofk: that mean you are using uart to linux over usb blaster?09:22
shorneFYI I got a mail from wallento saying the gcc copyright issue has been sorted. I wonder if we should start getting the patches ready. But we are quite a bit behind with gcc rebase09:23
wallentoshorne: not sorted, but another approach to solve it :)09:23
olofkshorne: Yes, except that I'm running bare metal in this case09:24
olofkThat's fantastic!09:24
shornewallento: what is that approach? you mentioned you talked to fsf?09:26
wallentoI approached them, but things are going slow09:26
wallentoI will try to get a fast yes/no09:27
olofkwallento: Just be careful. In some places it's actually illegal to take people hostage09:29
olofkHas anyone looked at this btw?
olofkIt feels like a real bug, but my C skills are not good enough to figure out if it is a real problem09:31
olofkActually, looking at the generated asm it looks strange09:38
olofkThere are two identical lwz instructions in a row09:38
shorneolofk: I havent looked, looking now09:38
olofkBut otoh, it looks like a program bug. The 32-bit pointer isn't aligned to a 32-bit word09:43
shornethis part09:49
shorne    2428:       18 60 00 01     l.movhi r3,0x109:49
shorne    242c:       a8 63 4d dc     l.ori r3,r3,0x4ddc09:49
shorne    2430:       84 63 00 00     l.lwz r3,0(r3)09:49
shorneim using the second program09:51
shornein simulator I see10:02
shorneS 00002430: 84630000 l.lwz   r3,0x0(r3)      r3         = 007fdfed  flag: 010:02
shorneS 00002434: 84630000 l.lwz   r3,0x0(r3)      r3         = 007fdfed  flag: 010:02
shorneS 00000600: d4000804 l.sw    0x4(r0),r1      [00000004] = 007fdfe0  flag: 010:02
shorneLoad/store access to naturally not aligned location.10:03
shorneso definitely bad code10:03
shorneI am guessing gcc10:04
shorneor we could detect in newlix via the 0x600 routing and then access the correct byte10:12
olofkBut are we supposed to handle unaligned accesses gracefully?13:51
olofkOr is it ok to error out? I still think we should add a handler in newlib in any case13:51
olofkshorne_: Or did you mean that GCC generates wrong code here?14:14
shorne_olofk: well maybe, maybe not, I am not sure should gcc be protecting against unaligned accesses?17:25
shorne_clearly this code is trying to so a byte access17:25
shorne_newlib doesnt seem to have code for hanlding unaligned byte access17:34
kc5tjaolofk: yt?17:48
kc5tjaolofk: Need advice on how to package support parts for the KCP53000.  Wondering if they should go with the KCP53000 or in separate packages.  They (together) provide the Wishbone bus bridge for the CPU.17:52
shorne_there is a little embedded linux day conf in Japan, ill be speaking on openrisc17:58
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