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olofk_shorne: This rebasing stuff seems to be a never ending story02:09
mithroIs anyone here going to 33C3?04:07
shorneolofk_: thats why we need to get these changes upstream04:14
shornethen I think it ends04:14
shornehope reviews go well04:14
shorneI talked to the guy on #gdb working on the refactorings, he says its done.04:15
shorneill make the changes04:15
shorneDone, and fixed now running gdb testsuite05:00
shorneif its as good as before I will publish the patches to gdb list05:00
shorneIf not, ill have to work on fixing tests again05:01
shorneresults look good, a few more failures, (maybe new tests) a lot more passes05:31
shorneIf anyone uses gdb openrisc and wants to test check05:32
olofk_Great shorne. Don't have time right now to run the tests, but I will if I can. And keep us posted on the progress06:29
olofk_Got a a link to the list where the patches are?06:29
arand___Noob cache questions: With the data cache in or1.2k (8k/16b), if one wants to invalidate the whole cache, can one simply call DCBIR on the block number? So issuing it on 0x0 would work even though that's not the page from memory that happens to be cached at the moment?14:26
arand___Hmm, mixed two questions into one: 1. Can whole dcache be invalidated by calling DCBIR on 0x00, 0x10, .., 0x2000? 2. (And related) Does invalidate act on memory address or cache address?14:30
olofk_arand___: Haven't really looked into those parts of OpenRISC, but here's the function where caches are invalidated in newlib if that helps
shorneolofk_: link to patches? i.e. ?16:42
shorneor the git format-patch?16:42
shorneI can send the mails to openrisc list first for review16:50
olofk_shorne: Ah ok. I misread you. Thought they were already submitted to the gdb mailing list17:02
olofk_Was just curious to see the status of the upstream review process17:03
shorneok, let me send now17:08
shornejust wrote cover letters I will cc openrisc17:08
shorneolofk_: you should have just been spammed17:11
shorneezmlm-reject: fatal: Sorry, I don't accept messages larger than 400000 bytes (#5.2.3)17:21
shorneSubject: [PATCH 14/18] sim: or1k: Regenerate autotool files17:21
olofk_Does gdb keep the generated autotool files in the repo?17:28
olofk_got to sleep now, but I'm really excited about this. It's a major milestone17:28
ZipCPUWow!  You didn't just spam olofk_ ... ;)17:37
@juliusbshorne: nice wrork on the patches!17:51
@juliusband I'm wondering, does anyone have a link to an up-to-date build tutorial for an OpenRISC SoC on the Atlys board?17:52
shornejuliusb: thanks, I dont have build instructions on an atlys board, but I do think I saw some people working on it. You will probably get a reply soon17:54
shorneZipCPU: sorry, hope people dont mind sending the patch sets for review to the list17:54
ZipCPUshorne: That's fine.  I'm just ... being vocal.  (textual?)  Besides, i'd like to get gdb up and running for the ZipCPU, and you've just given me something to study.17:56
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