IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2016-11-10

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kc5tjajuliusb: Hello; is the logging software you're using for this channel open source?  I'd like to set up some logs for the #riscv channel.11:20
kc5tjaYou came to mind b/c you recently adjusted logs here to ignore joins and leaves, which is a feature I'd also like as well.11:20
stekernkc5tja: apparently juliusb uses this:
stekernfor the logs itself I believe he just uses the output from his irssi instance13:59
kc5tjastekern: Thanks for the tip!14:29
@juliusbkc5tja: stekern is correct, I think irssi logs by default, or you can enable it easily, and then that tool can be run on it easily enough to spit out a load of HTML files. I tweaked the python tool recently to ignore join/part messages, otherwise it's stock standard23:32
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