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bandvigolofk: Olof, on 29 October I sent a post in LibreCores's OpenRISC list. It achieved list archive:
bandvigolofk: However, I haven't received my own post back even so appropriate option is set "Yes" in my configuration settings.07:23
bandvigolofk: Moreover, I asked SMD and he also did not receive this post while posts on 31 October and 1 November he received (me too). Could you check what was happened?07:24
stekernbandvig: is it this mail: "[OpenRISC] Question on float64 instructions support07:52
bandvigstekern: yes07:56
stekernI've got it07:56
stekernto answer about the extra cruft with saving r1, there is some hack in our gcc port that adds that for some reason I can't remember07:57
stekern(but that's not what your main question in that mail was)07:57
bandvigstekern: I've started to study binutils internals (CGEN in particular). My plan is to make ORFPX64A32 in a manner similar to SPARC-V8.08:00
shornewbx: your build looks slightly differen than mine, I am using gcc 5.4.016:24
shornemusl 1.1.14, binutils 2.26 to build busybox, 1.2616:26
shorneone interesting thing is yours does not build with l.swa/l.lwa inscns, that is where mine is failing16:26
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