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olofkkc5tja: Yes, it's quite useful for that. I have some example scripts in my ipyxact library to parse IP-XACT files and create header files and markdown docs if you're interested03:31
shornealright, I think I am getting to the bottom of this strace issue on openrisc, issue is when I try to run strace on openrisc linux/musl it just locks up07:05
shorneit looks like its spinning in a_cas (compare and swap) from musl lib.07:06
shorneIt looks like musl had some updates and our compare and swap was not updated correctly07:06
shornestekern: looks like you wrote the original.  would you remember anything there?07:07
shorneIt looks like the code is getting in an ifinite loop somehow, also every time it runs the l.swa instruction it throws a page fault 0x30007:08
wbxshorne: so you have a running Linux Openrisc system with musl? hardware or emulator?07:33
shornewbx: im running on or1ksim to get the debug info, but first saw this issue on de0 nano08:16
wbxshorne: can you share some details of your or1ksim musl setup, because I am trying to get some system working without success since some time.09:00
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kc5tjaolofk: To serve as examples especially, yes.  It'd help me better understand the spec.10:41
shornewbx: I didnt really to much special what issue are you having?10:58
wbxshorne: he system bootsup (kernel okay) then bsybox init tries to execute a script and it hangs with no output. even with a spawning xterm configured in or1ksim13:51
shornewbx: maybe this is related to what I am seeing, can you paste the contents of `or1k-musl-linux-objdump -d busybox_unstripped`17:04
shorneI mean put that on a website somewhere17:04
wbxshorne: i need to prepare a new build.17:08
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