IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2016-10-26

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karussellbremserhey guys, again!09:42
karussellbremsercan somebody tell me what exactly the file "orpsoc_spiboot.bit" contains that is genrated by orpsocv2 makefile together with the mcs when the command "make orpsoc.mcs BOOTLOADER_BIN=foo" is run09:43
karussellbremserwith xilinx impact, i'm only able to program the mcs when i do it together with the bit file09:43
karussellbremserhowever, even if program is successfulm i still get no uart output afterwards09:44
karussellbremsereven with a simple hello world example09:44
karussellbremserthat's why i'd like to understand exactly what the spiboot file means09:44
karussellbremsersome insights would be highly appreciated09:44
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