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olofk_shorne: Think you should have access to everything now03:21
olofk_ZipCPU: Speaking of SD and security, have you looked into Google's ProjectVault?03:24
olofk_They actually did a reference implementation based on OpenRISC and used FuseSoC to build it. (Boy, was I proud :))03:25
ZipCPU|Laptopolofk_: "Onboard the Vault itself is an ARM processor running RTOS, a secure operating system focused on privacy and data security."07:21
ZipCPU|LaptopAnd yet when I look at their Github page, there's lots of references to OpenRisc.07:22
ZipCPU|LaptopI wonder if they used both, or if the news story got it wrong, or if the or1k stuff is ... older code?07:22
ZipCPU|LaptopAlso, it's a shame Silent came and left before he could here any of the rest of the discussion.07:23
olofk_ZipCPU|Laptop: The prototype was built on OpenRISC07:33
olofk_That's the one on github07:33
olofk_Not sure if they ever commercialized it, but I assume it would had been with an ARM in that case07:33
-!- knz_ is now known as knz07:36
shorneolofk_: thank you, I am updating things (added readme to openrisc/doc)09:40
shornefixed some format issues on
shornenow adding some things to
shorneAlso added links to some tutorials
olofk_shorne: Great!17:36
olofk_Haha. I had forgotten juliusb's ecosystem picture from ehsm :)17:37
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