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SMDhomepromach: openrisc has no that type of documentation you're looking for. You have to study through verilog by yourself01:32
shornewallento: olofk: I was meaning06:22
shorneto mention, thanks for organizing everything for orconf.  I can imagine it was a lot of hard work06:22
karussellbremserhey olofk06:44
karussellbremsergood question regarding leaving out the bootloader06:44
karussellbremserdidn't think of that06:44
karussellbremserit crashes in the same way without the linux bootloader06:45
karussellbremseri only was succesful loading the .bit file of orpsoc without linux on the fpga06:45
karussellbremserno warnings or errors when producing mcs06:46
karussellbremserif i remember correctly, i copied the whole orpsocv2 folder from the orpsoc vm image, which i found a duplicate of since the original source is not online anymore :D06:47
karussellbremseryes, dubious way of getting the files, i know^^06:47
karussellbremseri don't have a jtag debugger right now, probably i could get one if it's needed06:48
karussellbremserso right now i don't know how to proceed06:49
karussellbremserhopefully someone can give me some hint06:50
karussellbremser(again, just want to run some linux version on the or1200 on an atlys board)06:51
karussellbremserthx btw for the support so far06:51
ZipCPU|LaptopIf you load your .bit file, not the .mcs file, does it load?07:11
ZipCPU|LaptopI mean, it might crash immediately upon loading, but ... do you get the done signal indicating a valid FPGA load?07:12
karussellbremserprogramming with the bit file is successful07:32
karussellbremserjust the linux is missing in this case07:33
ZipCPU|LaptopSo ... something must be wrong then with how you are merging the bit file and the boot image.08:04
promachwhen I am looking for which toolchain to install for mor1kx, I found
promachanyone could advise ?08:43
olofkHmmm.. do I need the MMU in mor1kx for anything if I only run a simple bare-metal program? Trying to save block RAM :)16:08
olofkGreat. Then I can assign a few more M9K to my FIFO... which already consists of 192 M9K :)16:13
olofkoh... otoh I just noticed that the caches were disabled. Maybe I should enable them instead :/16:14
olofkstekern: Do you have any Atlys mcs files laying around for karussellbremser ?16:54
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