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karussellbremserhey guys11:03
karussellbremseranybody here?11:03
karussellbremserif so...i'm currently trying to build the openrisc gnu toolchain and am stuck at building the uclibc11:05
karussellbremsermake -j9 delivers me "ldso/ldso/ld-uClibc_so.a(ldso.oS): In function `_dl_get_ready_to_run': ldso.c:(.text+0x44bc): undefined reference to `abort' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status" at the end11:05
karussellbremserany help would be much appreciated11:05
karussellbremserubuntu 16.04 btw11:06
kc5tjaI'm not familiar with that toolchain; however, stay on the channel for as long as you can.  Folks who are familiar with this process are sure to see your message and respond.11:15
karussellbremseri'll do, thx11:15
kc5tja(and by "as long as you can", I mean it can be up to 24 hours, since folks are in different time zones)11:16
karussellbremseri see ;)11:16
olofkkarussellbremser: Do you need uclibc, or would musl work just as fine? I'm asking since the musl port is in better shape and does basically the same thing15:49
shornekarussellbremser: we usually do not build uclibc anymore.  either newlib or musl18:01
shorne - build instructions for musl18:02
shorne - build instructions for newlib (bare metal, no OS, binaries)18:03
promachwhile compiling or1k-src, I have this error21:18
promachor1k-src/libiberty/filename_cmp.c:109:48: error: unknown type name ‘size_t21:18
promachThere are a lot of files which does not #include "stddef.h"21:24
promachshould I still use or1k-src ?21:24
promachor should I use ?21:39
shornepromach: please do not use or1k-src, we are trying to move away from it23:07
shornewe have newlib + binutils-gdb + or1k-gcc23:08
shorneor musl-cross project for musl23:08
promachI saw that musl-cross is for ARM23:19
promachmy ultimate goal is to run openRISC within SoC in Lattice Ice40 with Prohect Icestorm23:20
promachbut now, I want to synthesise and check how much LUTs or hardware resources I need for Lattice FPGA23:20
promachbut I am stuck with toolchain now23:21
shornewell, to do hardware part you dont need the toolchain23:34
shornethe toolchain is just for compiling code to run on the hardware23:34
promachI see23:35
promachso, I would leave the toolchain later, but I still need it later23:35
promachhow would I synthesise openRISC together with a DMA module and wishbone bus ?23:36
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