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olofkTrying to do a quick port of a Linux program to run on a bare-metal OpenRISC with newlib02:29
olofkLinker fails to find things like round and usleep02:29
olofkI'll probably get rid of the fp calculations to avoid the need for round, but why isn't usleep available?02:30
olofkhmm.. looking at the newlib source code it seems to be mostly available in the posix layer02:31
_franck__olofk: I would say such a function has to be platform dependant02:33
_franck__if needs to know the system frequency or have a known timer02:34
olofkBut we expose the frequency in the board file in libgloss02:51
_franck__define HAVE_NANOSLEEP and implement nanosleep ? (just a guess from what I found in a quick search)02:57
olofkCool. I should try that02:57
olofkJust learned that usleep is deprecated anyway03:25
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