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olofkZipCPU: Forgot to tell you that you can use fusesoc --monochrome if you're using a terminal with white background16:20
ZipCPUNow 'ya tell me.16:20
ZipCPUAre you in Bologne these days?16:20
ZipCPUIf so ... is there any particular hotel you'd recommend?16:21
ZipCPU(I still haven't made my hotel reservations ...)16:21
olofkI got a room at Re Enzo16:22
olofkOthers are staying at Hotel Centrale as well16:22
olofkAlright! Here comes the big FuseSoC patch I've been working basically all summer16:23
ZipCPUIn case you haven't been following, the whole DMIPS measure has been quite the adventure.  :)16:23
olofkI've been following :)16:25
ZipCPUGood.  I'm sure you'll here more about it.  "Adventure" is perhaps the best word to describe it at this point, as I doubt any numbers have yet settled down.16:42
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