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olofk_I think stekern or bandvig might have done some of those tests03:17
vidyahello all05:31
vidyaAnyone who can help me out in executing a C code on or1ksim?05:31
olofk_Hi vidya. You could start with a small "Hello world" program08:21
olofk_Compile it with or1k-elf-gcc -o hello hello.c08:21
olofk_Then you need to run or1ksim with a config file, and the compiled program08:21
olofk_Like or1k-elf-sim -f path/to/sim.cfg hello08:22
vidyaI get this error while trying to compile the program cannot execute binary file: Exec format error08:22
vidyaThis is when I'm using tutorial directory which you mentioned earlier08:23
vidyawhen I'm using the other toolchain which I built earlier i.e or1k-elf-gcc -o hello.elf hello.c  and use it in the or1ksim built as in the tutorials works somehow08:25
olofk_I'm not sure I follow you now. You have two toolchains? One that is working and one that's not working. Did I understand you correctly?08:26
vidyaYes, after you suggested to use link, I cloned this project and started following the steps in this08:27
vidyaWhat I mean is compilation of C prgram works in old toolchain I had built but the run command works using the new or1ksim08:28
vidyaI found that the or1ksim.cfg file is missing in old steps link08:29
vidyaI'm not sure why the compilation is not working with the toolchain in tutorials08:29
vidyaDo you follow?08:31
olofk_Sorry. I need to go for a bit08:33
vidyaOh ok . No problem08:41
vidyaI got it working. The paths were not set properly hence the errors.09:21
shorne_vidya, hello, oh signed off11:33
shorne_Hi All, sorry been away, busy a bit11:33
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne11:33
shorneLast I was working on gdb, then was starting to look into gcc 5.3.011:34
shorneThen I think gcc 6, anyone working on merging the openrisc patches into latest gcc upstream (any reason we should? / shouldn't)11:35
shorneFYI, from what I recall moving to gcc 6 was hard, I think binutils and gdb needed a lot of patches11:36
shorneAnyway, I just build linux 4.8 with gcc 5.3.0 and it seems to be working (booted on or1ksim)11:40
shorneLinux version 4.8.0-rc1-smh-26495-gea1ee77 ( (gcc version 5.3.0 (GCC) )11:41
ZipCPUshorne: Welcome back!12:00
olofk_shorne: Great to know that latest kernel with gcc 5.3.0 is working12:42
olofk_I'd say that gcc 6 would be nice. It's always good to track upstream. Haven't got a clue about the potential difficulties involved though12:44
oleg-nenashevolofk_: My bad. I'm behind the schedule with everything related to OSS on this month :(14:39
oleg-nenashevI've started drafting the Dockerfile, but it's still in the non-operational state.14:39
olofk_oleg-nenashev: Sorry. Don't mean to add more things to your workload. Just let me know if you get time to work on it and need any input from me15:26
oleg-nenashevolofk_: I'm kinda interested about FuseSOC autotests. Do you just run some test/demo scripts? Or do you have something else?15:27
oleg-nenashevolofk_: BTW, don't hesitate to ping me. Jenkins project and GSoC consumes too much my time, so I get easily swamped by TODOs there. But I want to follow-up on commitments in other areas15:30
olofk_oleg-nenashev: The CI tests for FuseSoC itself right now are very simple. They just install FuseSoC and lists the available cores basically.17:19
olofk_They don't run any simulations on the cores or try to build anything17:20
olofk_But this is what I would like to use Jenkins for. Iterating over all testbenches for each core and run them with their supported simulators/FPGA build tools17:21
olofk_For a given library17:21
olofk_shorne, wallento: We had some strange problems with sys/mman.h in newlib IIRC. Just saw that there was something about adding that file just recently on the newlib mailing list. It was for the rtems target, but maybe applicable for us too17:22
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