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olofkFuseSoC 1.5 is released!09:18
olofksudo pip install fusesoc09:18
olofkBlog post coming soon09:18
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olofk_Blog post about the new stuff in FuseSoC 1.5
ZipCPUI've spent my day working with the Dhrystone benchmark.  I've noticed that many CPU's claim DMIPS/MHz as greater than one, some even as high as 1.5.20:13
ZipCPUFor example, I found one reference suggesting that OpenRISC can achieve a 1.00 DMIPS/MIPS performance, or 250 Dhrystone MIPS/second when run with a 250MHz clock.20:14
ZipCPUNeedless to say, I'm struggling to achieve numbers even close.20:14
ZipCPU(I am using GCC ...)20:14
ZipCPUDoes any one have an example of the assembly that was used to achieve a DMIPS/MHz number greater than one?20:15
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