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Findessvb, mafm: OpenPiton is also lacking a lot of things a real chip would need because we had to lower design risk17:36
Findethere's no BIST on the rams and no efuse17:36
Findeour jtag is crap17:36
Findewell not crap17:36
Findebut basically we made a lot of decisions so that we could maximise our chances of getting a working chip17:37
Findebut it does not make for a chip you can trust more widely17:37
Findewe only got ~100 dies17:37
Findeand yes, 6x6mm is quite large so it cost us a lot to get those 100 chips17:37
Findethe package doesn't have many pins and isn't that well matched to the size of the die17:37
Findeit's really all there to prove out some research ideas and we'll continue to improve the platform and open source more parts so that we can build something better in the next iterations17:38
Findewe did our chip as a multi-project wafer and so to get more, you have to pay for more of everyone's chips, not just your own17:38
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