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olofkWhat's the status of the or1k support in qemu? I was thinking about what ssvb discovered about the malloc problems, and I recall that we had some patches that were never submitted upstream. Is that correct?02:13
* mafm poking to see if openrisc/risc-v cpu card designs are produce07:04
mafmif anyone can vote up the submission, please... :-)08:12
mafm(needs slashdot account)08:12
ZipCPUBreakfast of Champions, Engineer version: Mt Dew + Snickers Bar08:35
ZipCPUBreackfast of Champions, Engineer on diet: Mt. Dew and two hard boiled eggd.08:35
ZipCPUBreackfast of Champions, Engineer on health-food diet: Mt. Dew and two hard boiled eggs from backyard chickens.08:36
mafmlocally sourced chicken eggs!  Yes, In My Backyard09:58
ZipCPUmafm: Actually, I was doing good with hard boiled duck eggs, from my back yard, until I looked away and the dog snatched one from my desktop ...10:41
olofkI thought breakfast for champions was champignons for breakfast17:43
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