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SMDhomeI think I've missed talking about boards w/ fpgas, but check this one
SMDhomeIt has 256mb ddr3 connected to spartan6 lx25 along with arm8, price is about 120$, but I think it's definitely cheaper than altera sockit00:29
SMDhome this looks better00:30
olofkmithro: pong!08:46
mithroolofk: You should put something in for!08:47
olofkmithro: Could be fun, but I don't have the time and money for that unfortunately08:59
mithroThey have travel funding for speakers08:59
olofkjuliusb did a talk there in 2010 I think08:59
olofkmithro: I would love to go, but I'm not sure I can justify travelling that much right now09:00
olofkI was thinking about going to Linux plumbers conf too, but I'll probably need to skip that one as well09:02
mithroWe'll be using the HDMI2USB stuff to do the recording of that conference09:12
mithroUsing Opsis boards09:12
olofkmithro: That's really cool. You're not interested in doing that for orconf too perhaps?09:27
mithroolofk: When is orconf?09:28
mithrowe are currently pondering doing a misoc/litex "Build your own SoC" tutorial09:28
olofkmithro: 7-9 October in Bologna09:31
mithroolofk: Any chance you guys have any budget to do recording?09:32
olofkmithro: We could discuss this within FOSSi Foundation. Maybe you could send me a mail with your thoughts09:37
mithroHow many streams do you have?09:37
olofkOne hundred million streams!09:38
olofkNo, don't really know what you mean :)09:38
mafmin some of the previous editions of orconf, audio in (some?) talks was not good, I couldn't hear/understand almost anything10:06
mafmI seem to recall plans to have orconf in Lisbon a while ago, will it happen some time, or did the people working on that withdrew from OpenRISC?10:07
* mafm checking the flights to Bologna... not looking very good :-/10:28
mafm <- mentioing or120011:40
olofkmafm: (audio) Yeah, that's a good reminder. We need to have real microphones this time11:48
olofkmafm: (Lisbon) We haven't had much contact with the people from Lisbon the last years, but there's definitely a chance we'll go there at some point11:52
olofkmafm: (or1200 backdoor). Yes. Matthew Hicks, who is one of the authors of that paper did a lot of OpenRISC stuff some years ago11:53
olofkoh, and regarding flights. I just use my private jet that I bought with some of the money that I have made from Open Source work11:54
kc5tjaolofk: I'm so jealous.11:54
olofkkc5tja: I plan to invest the rest of the money in fax machines and Pentium 4 processors. I think they will be really big soon11:58
SMDwrkwhy don't you want to invest it into oil instead?12:13
olofkSMDwrk: That could be an option too, but not as safe. I Mean, no one has invaded a country because of fax machines12:22
olofkOr maybe that's just what they want us to think! It's all a conspiracy! It's not a coincidence that they stopped selling Pentium 4 processors on the same day that the olympics started in China... a country well-known for their fax machines.12:27
SMDwrkBe careful while traveling abroad since you've come up with this12:33
olofkDamn! I know too much already12:33
ZipCPU|LaptopDon't forget the cattle mutations ...13:04
olofkZipCPU|Laptop: Aren't those caused by the chem trails?16:31
kc5tjaAlien abductions.16:55
olofkkc5tja: Haha. Alien abductions? That's like believing in user friendly EDA tools16:57
mafmolofk: re flights, it's not good because of connections from (what I expect to be) my home by October17:06
mafmwould have been easier from my current home (close to Cambridge, London-Stansted airport)17:08
mafmmain problem will be holidays, starting a new job I don't know if I'll accumulate enough to go17:09
olofkmafm: Yeah. I understand that it can be a bit tricky. Hope you're able to work something out, and otherwise we'll make sure to have usable audio for the recordings and hope you'll be able to make it next time17:13
mafmolofk: \o/17:21
mafmolofk: I had the idea that it was a bit later in the year, like late October or early November17:22
mafmmy next-employer works with "IoT" and stuff, but probably I will not convince them to let me go on sponsored time :D17:23
SMDhomemafm: are you going to be sw or hw developer for iot?17:24
mafmSMDhome: neither (initially), mostly developer "cloud" things, but we'll see in the future :)17:25
mafmwhen is the schedule of orconf expected to be published?  early september?17:26
SMDhomeyep, it would be nice to see it17:30
mafmSMDhome: I was hoping to get involved in the IoT division to promote some open hardware at some point, e.g. using pulpino17:34
SMDhomemafm: I was interested for someone related to iot to ask what they think about iot promises that my company makes, but then I checked its site and there is nothing on IoT at all. So I guess that's it)17:35
mafmSMDhome: what's the company, if I may ask?17:36
mafmmy next employer is a small lab, spin-off from a univ17:36
mafmI think that they mostly try to find useful applications based on the latest buzzwords that gets grants and so on, I am not sure what concrete projects they're working on17:37
SMDhomeI don't know for sure if I'm able to tell even this, but check private messages. It's kind of annoying to work for such proprietary guys though17:38
olofkWe usually release a new batch of speakers every now and then. Might actually be a good idea to release a first batch quite soon17:39
mafmSMDhome: well, one of my tasks is going to be to "create an open source community around our product".  I asked "where's the source code?  we should make it available to the public, create issue trackers, releases..." ... the reply was: "oh, actually, that's the last step, we're not sure if we want to commit to make it open source yet, it would take lots of our resources!"17:41
mafmSMDhome: so yeah, either there's some mismatch between our ideas or expectations, or I think that mine have quite a proprietary mentality too :D17:42
SMDhomemafm: that sounds nice, I have a friend of mine who maintains whole opensource thing for their project himself. It's really hard, but I think that's worth it.17:45
SMDhomeAlso I have some cool stories about elbrus cpu and how guys wanted to go opensource w/ it17:45
mafmSMDhome: the thing is, I don't think that it would take a lot of resources, and it would be nice.  they seem to want to create an open-source community around the product, when actually publishing the source is the last of the steps in their mind, and probably never happens.  which is kind of a surprising / backwards strategy to me, if they actually want to create an "open-source community"17:47
mafmSMDhome: but well, let's see, I didn't even start, so maybe there's a sensible explanation for it all :)17:48
mafmolofk: lots of pulpino stuff being in Bologna, I suppose?17:49
ZipCPUSMDhome: What a difference between a large company and a small one.  I am my only employee.  I am betting the farm that by working on open source projects things will work.17:50
ZipCPUI figure I've invested over a year in getting this thing started ...17:51
ZipCPUUsing opencores ... I've certainly gotten many hits and likes of things I've done.17:52
ZipCPUJust ... no paycheck yet.  But I'm trusting olofk that it's coming soon ;)17:52
SMDhomeZipCPU It's cool and I wish I could do the same, but I'm too newbie for it right now17:55
ZipCPUYeah.  I was a complete newbie last year.  Amazing how much you can grow by working at it for a year.17:55
SMDhomeZipCPU total newbie?17:57
ZipCPUWell ... I might've had 9 months of paid FPGA work before then.17:57
ZipCPU1-2 months building a GPS collection system, perhaps about 6 months building a waveform processor ...17:57
ZipCPUOther than that, an absolute FPGA newbie.17:57
olofkmafm: Yes, there will be lots of Pulpino. That one's for sure :)17:59
SMDhomeZipCPU and what's about comp arch/ your education?17:59
ZipCPUOkay, so I do have an advanced degree in computer engineering, and I have done embedded work before.  I've studied processor design, but never done it.18:00
olofkZipCPU: That's impressive I must say18:00
ZipCPUIt's certainly been a lot of fun.18:00
ZipCPUI've now built a CPU, a flash controller, timers, counters, watchdogs, bus controllers, UART, SPI controllers, VGA controller,18:01
ZipCPUI've built a DMA controller, a flash controller, and I'm now working on a DDR3 memory controller and an ethernet controller/driver.18:01
ZipCPUThese are all firsts for me within this last year.18:01
SMDhomeZipCPU you're cool! I wish I studied comp engineering instead of info sec: it brings only problems and pain ._.18:02
ZipCPUYeah, I never cared for INFOSEC: too many ways to lose, and no way to be certain you've won.18:02
SMDhomeZipCPU and getting US visa for me takes ~2month only because of my education)18:03
ZipCPUI wouldn't know: what is a normal time for getting a US visa?18:04
SMDhomeFor "normal" people it takes 1 day18:04
ZipCPUAnd you think it's your education that makes it two months?  Wow.18:04
SMDhomeYep, I could be evil haxxor who goes to the US to repeat Die Hard 4.0 movie!18:05
olofkSMDhome: You're working with Elbrus?18:06
SMDhomeolofk: Worked for some time, yep18:07
olofkSMDhome: Cool. I like that one. Elbrus translates literally to "electronic noise" in Swedish, so it makes it sound like a bad-ass analog synthesizer :)18:08
SMDhome This one has been released not so long ago18:12
olofkSMDhome: Looks like that it has some massive storage bandwidth18:13
olofkThose are SATA connectors at the bottom, right?18:13
SMDhomeyep, 7 sata3 connectors + msata18:14
SMDhomeand 3 eth18:14
SMDhomeor fiber, idk18:14
SMDhomeAnd it's able to run x86 code! Slowly, but anyway18:15
olofkTime for bed now18:15
SMDhomegood night18:16
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