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olofZipCPU: I found this mentioned on twitter when I was on the way home from work yesterday
olofBut they claim that OpenRISC was last update in 2012 and that it's not multi-core02:43
Findeapologies olof04:46
Findewe're thinking of making an online taxonomy with the ability for people to update to avoid issues like this04:46
Findewe only had one person looking for the info and with the number of cores it was tough to make sure we got every detail correct in January04:47
FindeI think the dates for a number of the cores were probably just taken from opencores04:48
olofFinde: Hi. You're from OpenPiton?04:52
olofAnd no worries. I understand that it's hard to get an overview of man different projects. I was planning to reach out to you for a correction, but having it as a public document would of course be even better04:54
Findeyeah the more I think about it the more value I think we could gain05:03
Findeand yeah I'm the first author on that paper05:03
FindeI'm hoping to come to ORCONF in October to meet you all05:07
olofFinde: That's great. I've seen your mails via Jose and Julius. Looking forward to meet you and learn more about the project05:10
olofFinde: Make sure to register on the orconf site once you have decided if you are able to show up05:11
FindeI think I registered the other day05:12
Findecurrently putting together a talk blurb05:12
olofAh yes. You're registered.05:14
olofI was thinking about registering for a presentation too05:15
olofOh well. Sounds like you have it under control :)05:15
Findewell it can seem that way...05:23
Findebut yes if you have any questions about openpiton, please feel free to ask me anytime (or email)05:23
FindeI imagine we're going to have a lot of questions in future05:23
wallentohi finde, nice paper, congrats06:07
Findethanks wallento!06:07
olofHi olofk_! Looks like my internet connection at home has been fixed :)06:55
ZipCPUolof Finde : And here I thought OpenSPARC was dead with no one working on it ...06:58
olofZipCPU: We all did :)07:00
olofwallento: Want to challenge this with OpTiMSoC? :) "OpenPiton  is  the  world’s  first  open  source,  general-purpose, multithreaded manycore processor."07:02
ZipCPUGo ahead, as long as I can be a fly on the wall.07:02
wallentooptimsoc should probably have found its way into related work07:03
wallentobut openpiton is good for my related work07:03
wallentogood to see more open source in the area07:04
ZipCPU"Qualitative comparison against prior open source processors."  -- That's specifically been my struggle.  I don't want to create "qualitative" comparisons, but rather "quantitative".07:05
wallentoand openpiton beats optimsoc in google search "open source manycore" now07:05
ZipCPUI just googled "opentimsoc" and came up with nothing.07:06
ZipCPULooks like I mispelled "OpTimSoC"07:06
olofHey, what happened to googlefight?07:08
olofAhh.. some spammer took it over :(07:08
olofI used to love a good google fight07:09
ZipCPUFinde : Table 3 states that the OpenPiton uses 75k out of 63k available LUTs in an Artix-7.  Does this mean it never worked on an Artix-7?07:15
ZipCPUOkay, here it is: "Note that the default configuration is too large for the Artix 7" ...07:17
olofNice! OpenOCD TCL interpreter can source files, so I can script stuff easily07:47
ZipCPUSo they ran a multicore Sparc at 30MHz on an Artix-7.  Fascinating.  I never thought the ZipCPU was that unique, but I am running at a 100MHz clock on an Artix-7.  I just didn't expect that to be very unique.07:50
olof_florent_: Are you running OpenRISC or lm32 on the Arty?07:55
olofLooking quickly at the source it seems like it's running at 100MHz at least08:02
_florent_olof: I think I only tested with lm32, but mor1kx should also work08:12
olofIs this really the only way in verilog to avoid warnings for width mismatch when adding a constant 1 to a register? x <= x + {{WIDTH-1{1'b0}},1'b1};08:36
olofIsn't 'd1 supposed to work too?09:01
olofor does that still requires the width of the operand to be known?09:04
olofAh wait! I get rid of the warning by just making the constant smaller than the register09:11
olofSo it's enough to do 1'd109:11
olofWhich of course requires prior knowledge of the constant value09:11
olofJust learned about verilog array of instances too. Didn't know about that09:11
olofAnd instance name seems to be optional. That was unexpected09:13
Findeyeah 1'd1 should work olofk09:36
Findeoh he left never mind09:37
FindeI should've learned after using irc this long that you need to read the whole scrollback first09:37
Findewallento: is OpTiMSoC HW multithreaded?09:58
wallentono, it is not09:58
wallentoits based on the mor1kx OpenRISC core09:59
wallentoloosely coupled clusters09:59
Findeah gotcha09:59
Findehard to search for something on a website when it's not there09:59
FindeI was scouring the pages :p09:59
Findeit looks really cool09:59
FindeI'll make sure we look into your infrastructure and try to cite you in future09:59
wallentoyeah, nevermind, it was more a response to olof trying to get us into a fight ;)10:00
wallentowe never really took off10:00
wallentomore of a one man show for my phdthesis10:01
wallentoI would have loved to find open source manycore at this time, but even nocs were hard to find10:01
wallentoand are until today10:01
wallentoI would also tend to give up OpTiMSoC in favor of something else, but need to finish my PhD thesis before trying to rebuilt the whole stuff on a different platform again10:02
Findeyeah I mean there wasn't much good out there that was multithreaded when we started in 2014 and there still isn't really10:04
Findewe needed the threading for a particular research idea10:04
wallentofully agree10:04
Findeand risc-v was just an isa at that point10:05
wallentoits the case for most open source research platforms10:05
wallentoyou want to show something10:05
wallentofor me its efficient on-chip message passing10:05
wallentoso you end up with building the platform first..10:05
Findeand that takes N years10:07
wallentofinde: yeah10:12
wallentobut as a side product I contributed to make OpenRISC multicore10:12
wallentoI will write you a mail the next days, we should keep the discussion going10:12
FindeI'm sure you have some infrastructure that would be useful for us in some form or another10:15
Findeso we'll need to check out your code10:15
Findewallento: if you happen to be going to orconf, hopefully we can meet there too10:18
wallentoFinde: yes I already booked my travel10:19
wallentolooking forward to meet you there!10:19
wallentoone thing we currently cut out of optimsoc and make it reusable (mostly for lowrisc) is the debug infrastructure10:20
wallentothats the most annoying part, maybe we can cooperate there10:20
olofkAhh.. Finally!11:56
SMDwrkolofk: I never thought there are such troubles with internet in Sweden12:30
olofkSMDwrk: Turns out that the modem broke, which gave me a huge packet loss, and then someone tried to fix it, thought it was a problem outside of the house and managed to disconnect it all together. The guy who was here today was a bit angry at his coworker :)12:31
olofkstekern: I'm trying to silence some warnings in mor1kx that always turns up in my logs, but I'm not sure about what to do with decode_a and decode_b when CALCULATE_BRANCH_DEST != "TRUE"12:33
stekernthat's there because of a difference betwwen cappuccino and espresso, iirc12:34
olofkZipCPU: Oh, I forgot. You asked about accomodation at orconf. wallento asked our man in Bologna about that a while ago and we recently got a response. Will put it up on the web page soon12:42
olofkstekern: I fixed some stuff now. Had 171 warnings in total12:43 I have 233 :(12:43
ZipCPUolofk: Thanks!  I'm hoping there's something nearby enough that I might be able to get by without a rental car, or a daily taxi.12:44
wallentoZipCPU: virtually anyhing works in bologna12:49
wallentohotel ren12:49
wallentozo got recommended12:49
wallentothe location is in the southwest of the inner city12:50
olofkWhen you compile a C file, is the path of the C file always implicitly added as an include directory?15:46
olofkLooks like it16:02
blueCmdyo. do you guys have any interest in the domain?16:27
blueCmdI just keep renewing it but not doing anything with it16:28
olofkblueCmd: I totally forgot about that one16:29
olofkI don't think we need it now that we decided on librecores, but I'll mention it on the FOSSi board meeting next week and see what the other say16:30
blueCmdit's like 80 kr per year and might be good to hold on to for whatever reason16:31
blueCmdI would feel bad letting it go for some link farmer to get their hands on it16:31
olofkYeah, I feel that way too16:32
olofkIt sucks that we lost openrisc.net16:32
kc5tjaolofk: I'm here from Twitter, per your recommendation.  I'll lurk now.  :)17:07
ZipCPUolofk: It may depend upon the compiler.  I know #include "file.h" is supposed to include the local directory, whereas #include <file.h> not so much.17:46
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