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promachfor cube root implementation using,implementation_of_cube_root_of_a_fixed_point_number_on_fpga, could anyone point what it should be corrected (compilation error) within the red rectangle at
SMDhomepromach: do you understand what's happening there?06:31
SMDhomeIn that code you have just register in if-else06:32
SMDhomeyou need to assign it with something maybe06:32
promachSMDhome, I understand the need of assignment. I have also tried to contact the original author, Riddy. but no reply07:44
promachOh, he just replied my contact email07:46
promach      --> VERILOG file08:06
promach         --> TESTBENCH file08:07
-!- Dan is now known as ZipCPU10:06
ZipCPUpromach: That's an awful lot of logic there without any clocks.10:36
ZipCPUI doubt that's what you really want to do.10:37
promachyou are right. It is also for 53 bits10:37
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