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SMDwrkolofk: I think I'm talking about formal verification. I had a talk with one of my collegues and he pointed out that w/o verification noone would be interested in using it in serious project. And he's right, I think05:09
shornestekern: I remember you mentioning PUNK IPA? was it this one
stekernshorne: yes, it was juliusb that introduced it to me07:09
stekernbut here in Finland it's sold as "punk pale ale"07:09
shorneI found it in a local supermarket here in Tokyo, its pretty good07:10
shorneI found this one as well,
shornenow that was crazy 16.5% alc, its like a beer espresso07:11
stekernit is, but they are not cheap at all here :(07:11
shornenot here either, this intergalactic ale was 1700yen ~16euros for a 330ml bottle07:12
shorneThe punk ipa is about 300yen ~2.5euro07:12
shornenot sure if my FX is correct07:12
stekernthey cost about 3.5-4€ in stores here07:13
stekernbeer is expensive here.. the cheapest local ale costs about 2€ for a 50cl bottle07:17
stekernlager is a bit cheaper, but that's not of much interest to me ;)07:18
shorneyeah, I agree, same here07:21
olofkSMDwrk: Formal verification is interesting, but it isn't used that much actually18:07
olofkAnd OpenRISC has been used in NASA satellites, Samsung TVs Zigbee ASICs and a whole bunch of other places that I don't remember or that I'm not allowed to mention... so it's not like no one is using it because it lacks formal verification18:08
olofkI know that Intel started using formal verification on their FPUs after the infamous pentium math bug18:09
olofkBut I'd love to see more directed testing on OpenRISC. Both formal verification and constrained random testing18:10
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