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olofshorne_: I think it's fine to apply the patches. Hope to find time for that today03:25
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne05:17
shorneolof: cool05:18
olofwallento: I'm pushing your patch that sanitizes names, but I have been changing it a bit, since I've done some heavy refactoring lately08:25
SMDwrkHas anyone made any verification for openrisc?12:40
olofkSMDwrk: What kind of verification? We have plenty of testcases, but no formal verification14:39
olofkIs OpenCores svn down again, or is the problem on my side?15:15
bengardinerHi all, I've got a question about Cyclone III FPGA JTAG -- I'm guessing that you guys have expertise here. I've got a board with a Cyclone III that I've inherited. I'm pretty sure I've got test points for JTAG properly identified. When I try to IDCODE or BYPASS I'm getting all 1's (0xff...). I noticed that in Application Note3921:13
bengardiner it is possible to disable JTAG with bootstrap pin values. My probing of the voltages on the PCB suggests that it is disabled this way. So... I'm wondering 1) is there a recomended way to re-enable JTAG? pull one pin /away/ from the states in table 12? 2) could there be21:13
bengardineranother reason? other than the disabled BST -- or that I've got the wrong pads :) ?21:13
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