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mithro_franck__: Where you suggesting that you would be rewriting the jtag dpi/vpi stuff?00:40
_franck_mithro: I think it was wallento00:57
mithro_franck_: I think it was one of you :P00:59
mithro_franck_: Just trying to figure out who I should follow on github :)00:59
mithroshould probably just follow both of you anyway01:00
_franck_I'm not very active nowaday. I've been working on my house for two years. Every evening and week-end. Need some more month :)01:05
mithromy dad spent 10 years building the house he retired to01:06
_franck_not easy for a retirement :) At least he kept busy01:08
wallentomithro: I am consolidating some verilator dpi stuff03:58
wallentobut I am baby-busy currently03:58
olofkHi eliask08:07
eliaskHi olofk!08:20
eliaskI hope I didn't bore you with my email :)08:20
olofkeliask: I read things that are a lot more boring every day :) A proper introduction is always welcome08:54
olofkSo for everyone else, eliask here is one of the GSoC students for FOSSi08:55
olofkHe'll be working on rewriting FuseSoC to Visual Basic as his first task08:56
eliaskFuseSoC is great but it definitely needs an easy to use VB GUI to have a chance08:58
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shornewallento: finally got around to rebuilding gcc (or1k-elf-gcc (GCC) 5.3.0) thanks for updating19:44
shornejust to be clear, or1k-src is no longer needed right?19:48
shorneI used this this time (all done)19:49
mithrowallento: The reason I'm asking is currently adding that jtag verilator stuff that I think _franck_ or someone pointed me too makes the simulation about 1000x slower19:57
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