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wallentoolofk: You probably want to only handle sections with allocate flag04:32
wallentobut even data sections can be 11 bytes large04:32
olofkwallento: Yeah, the verilog backend is a bit hacky, since it doesn't care about that and just pads with 0, but that's fine with me05:15
wallentoyes, thats makes sense05:17
olofkBut reverse-bytes is an internal parameter used for all conversions, so it can't just pad with zero, since that could be wrong for other formats05:20
olofkMaybe the only option is an explicit endian switch for the verilog backend05:22
olofkor a verilog-specific reverse-bytes switch05:22
wallentohow about padding first?06:03
wallentohonestly I have no clue about the degrees of freedom06:03
wallentobut wouldn't padding to the target width first and then reversing work with these functions?06:03
olofkI thought of that too, but I can't figure out how to pad every section to nearest 32-bit address06:21
olofkThere are some padding and aligning functions in objcopy, but none of them seem to do the trick06:21
olofkI also tried to first convert elf to binary and then from binary to verilog with a --pad-to switch, but that didn't work either06:26
wallentoyeah, thats probably why everyone writes their python scripts around gcc and binutils to generate .hex, .bin or .vmem06:40
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