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wallentoolofk: I will have a look at it03:07
olofkwallento: Cool. My goal is to replace this with something that is aware of endianness11:33
wallentoolofk: any chance this gets upstream?11:45
olofkwallento: Think so
olofkAnd Anthony Green (who made the original verilog output) is on board12:13
olofkIt's just a matter of extending it to support wider memories12:13
olofkhmm... I was hoping that       if (bfd_header_big_endian (abfd))13:16
olofkwould do the trick13:16
olofk...or bfd_big_endian13:20
olofkHmm.. maybe the patch is wrong for both LE and BE13:41
olofkok, so changing endianness can be done with --reverse-bytes, but this only works if section sizes are size%4 == 013:56
olofkAnd some stupid .comment section is 11 bytes13:56
olofkWhy on earth would I want a comment section in an elf file?13:56
olofkAnd why is it 11 bytes?13:57
olofkand why does it appear as 16 bytes with objdump -D?13:58
olofkhmm... is byteorder part of the file format?15:01
olofkI'm starting to believe that the patch is just wrong16:19
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