IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2016-04-01

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wallentoshorne: no, just a gentle reminder02:37
wallentomithro: interesting, would definitely back this :)02:38
wallentoolofk: most of them are github, right? For those there is raw.github.com02:38
wallentofor generic git we may consider sharing a repo02:39
wallentoand do git checkout <commit> -- <fileset>; cp <fileset> <fusesoc-build-root>02:40
andrzejr2what exactly is wrong with the existing gcc support? what portion of the code has no copyright assignments?06:15
wallentoandrezejr: The original code has no copyright assignment unfortunately06:50
wallentoolofk: when will openmsp430 be added to fusesoc? :-p14:01
systemsgotyouwhen will the SOC be available to buy?19:52
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