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olofkwallento: Yeah, I really hate when people are putting a lot of stuff in the same repo. I think the only sensible way to handle that is to split it up into versioned tarballs. That's what all sw package managers do in cases like this02:19
olofkwallento: And sure, I think we should encourage people to use a full vlnv for new cores, but I still don't see the need for a distinction between local and remote cores02:20
wallentooh, yeah, that was more about backward compatibility02:23
wallentowe should throw a warning then02:23
wallentoregarding the project structure, I partly agree, but I think the problem is easy to solve by not checking out the entire tree02:25
stekern_olofk: the recent havoc with left-pad/npm made me think about you and your modularity-fetisch for some reason ;)03:16
wallentostekern_: haha, me too :)03:35
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wallentoHas everyone subscribed to the new mailing list already?
wallentojuliusb: can you please update the chat banner for the new mailing list05:56
bandvigwallento: I subscribed about week ago.07:26
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olofkstekern_, wallento: Me too actually :)17:07
olofkwallento: Is it possible to just check out a subtree? That would absolutely solve the whole thing. I have cursed the lack of that feature many times in git and thought that was one of the good things about svn17:10
olofkok, reading a bit more, this seems to be a sparse checkout17:16
olofkIt will still download the complete repo though, so the gain is minimal17:18
robtaylorolofk: shallow clone17:24
robtaylorolofk: git clone --depth=<n>, you can combine with sparse as well if you need17:24
olofkrobtaylor: Ah yes, that's true. I think FuseSoC already uses shallow clones17:34
olofkBut I mean that a sparse checkout doesn't really save any bandwitdh or diskspace. It just doesn't present all the files to the user17:35
olofkAnyone up for packaging ridecore? Getting tiresome to package all these riscv cores :)18:03
shorneolofk: robtaylor: there was recently a github writeup about the horrible performance of shallow clones18:29
shornewallento: I subscribed and sent a few mails. No answers is it working? :)18:31
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mithrowallento: I was pondering the idea of a "Rewrite OpenRisc GCC Kickstarter" style thing and was trying to figure out how much work it would be23:56
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