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_franck_shorne: "maint print reggroups" shows you all internals reg groups that you can query with info registers00:59
shorne_franck_: thats right, I have that command in my notes too03:38
shornethis too
shornelocation of reg names03:38
shornealso things like monitor init, monitor reset03:38
wallentoshorne: I think ORSoC is lagging on those accounts05:07
wallentocan anyone remind me what the state of gdb upstreaming was?07:52
shornewallento: I was talking to stekern yesterday about it, binutils, gas etc is upstreamed.  gdb is not I recently built gdb from the openrisc github with only minor issues and it works fine08:14
shornerequired a few patches for the 5.x compiler08:14
wallentoyes, I noticed08:17
wallentoalready for 4.908:17
wallentoDo you have it in a repo?08:17
shorneI made a pull request for this08:18
shorneyou can pull that and it should build (there were some warnings that I fixed too with some hacks, but I think it should build with just that patch)08:18
wallentothanks, I missed the PR, any problem with merging blueCmd or stekern?08:19
wallentoIt probably makes sense to fork from binutils-gdb.git and maintain gdb in there08:20
shorneI think ideally we could merge all of the gdb upstream changes, not just my two cherypicks08:21
shorneyeah, the two repos as they are are not form the same source08:21
wallentoyep, but or1k-src is not derived from binutils-gdb, right08:21
shorneso very hard to keep them up to day08:21
wallentookay, I will pick it up08:22
wallentowhich toolchain are you using now?08:22
shorneI use or1k-elf-08:22
wallentogreat. I pushed some patches two days ago08:22
wallentochecking some other issue now08:22
wallentobut you are using it to build Linux, right?08:23
shorneyes, and its working08:23
shorneI have 4.5 running on my de0 nano08:23
shorneLinux openrisc 4.5.0-rc6-de0_nano-00171-g4628e3b-dirty #55 Wed Mar 9 06:31:59 JST 2016 openrisc GNU/Linux08:24
wallentocan I test it from somewhere08:24
wallentoI try to update the de0_nano tutorial and plan one for the Digilent Nexys4 DDR08:24
wallentotoo much confusion around outdated toolchains etc.08:24
wallentogdb builds now, thanks!08:25
wallentoI will send you a mail regarding an updated tutorial08:25
wallentothanks for the great work08:25
shornethats my image, it should work.  I dont have my kernel fork uploaded anywhere now... its too big08:26
shorneFYI, I had to set my sdram refresh to 32ms on the de0 nano, nothing would boot otherwise08:26
shornenot even the old images from 3 years ago08:27
wallentoI remember it was also very unstable this time, thanks for pointing out08:27
shorneI have an orpsoc-cores fork with changes to set the time to 32ms here if you need to try...08:29
shornetime for bed08:29
wallentogreat, good night!08:30
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wallentohi all12:15
wallentoI created a fork from binutils-gdb12:15
wallentoI rebased the work of _franck_ and stekern on top of the current HEAD and fixed some recent changes12:16
wallentosim is still missing, will do this tomorrow morning I hope12:16
wallentowe should be able to retire or1k-src then soon, right?12:17
wallentoso far I focused on gdb12:19
stekernwallento: nice one16:41
shornewallento: great, ill try it out17:23
shornewallento: will it work without sim? I am getting "No rule to make target '../sim/or1k/libsim.a'"18:36
shornenevermind works with '--disable-sim' configure option18:40
shorneinteresting during install there is an error with 'binutils-gdb/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo' (node next `MIPS Embedded' in menu `PowerPC Embedded' and in sectioning `OpenRISC 1000' )19:30
shornedont have time to fix now19:32
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