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olofk_franck_: Oh.. that's bad. I did an optimiation there. Looks like I messed up. Thanks, I'll fix that07:14
olofk_franck_: Hopefully fixed now14:48
_franck__olofk: great, I'll tell you that tonight14:52
_franck__plus I have a file named "data" in bld-quartus16:30
_franck__cp ${SYSTEM_ROOT}/data/ddr_ctrl_ip_phy_ddr_pins.tcl ${BUILD_ROOT}/bld-quartus/data16:39
_franck__my "copy_ddr_tcl_file" script needs to be modified. It is:16:39
olofk_franck_: Hmm... I must have messed it up real good here19:24
olofkIs ddr_ctrl_ip_phy_ddr_pins.tcl listed in tcl_files in the .system file?19:25
olofkah ok. I see it in the neek system now19:29
olofkSo basically, ddr_ctrl_ip_phy_ddr_{timing.sdc,pins.tcl} must be in the same directory. Is that correct?19:30
olofkAnd if that is correct, does it matter in which directory they end up?19:30
olofkActually, it looks correct here19:34
olofkBoth files are in build/neek/bld-quartus/data19:36
_franck_olofk: I just changed cp ${SYSTEM_ROOT}/data/ddr_ctrl_ip_phy_ddr_pins.tcl ${BUILD_ROOT}/bld-quartus/data to cp ${SYSTEM_ROOT}/data/ddr_ctrl_ip_phy_ddr_pins.tcl ${BUILD_ROOT}/neek/src/data19:37
_franck_and it seems to be ok19:37
olofk_franck_: There is some weird difference here19:37
olofkI don't understand why you need the tcl file to be in ${BUILD_ROOT}/neek/src/data19:38
olofkDoes line 117 in the .sdc file evaluate to that directory?19:39
olofkoh... I built with an old version of FuseSoC. Ok, the version in head does not work :)19:41
olofkBut changing the script as you mentioned should work19:44
olofkIt breaks backwards-compatibility though. :/ Maybe I should export the fusesoc version as a env var so that you can look at that19:45
olofkBecause, I think it's better to have the tcl and sdc files in the new location (even if it was not my intention to move them)19:46
olofkOr just change the damn script and if anyone complains, we just tell them to get a newer FuseSoC version19:47
_franck_olofk: I'll change the script :) We are may be the only who ever tried to build neek board :)19:55
olofkYeah, I think you might be right :)20:35
olofkAlright! I just made it possible to send top-level parameters to the build backends. Only implemented in quartus for now21:47
olofkWorks similar to the simulation parameters. fusesoc build de0_nano --BOOTROM_FILE=/path/to/hex to specify an alternative bootrom21:48
olofkor fusesoc build de0_nano --help to list all options21:48
olofkHaven't pushed anything yet though21:48
stekernI should make a de0_nano version with support for all the bodges I have attached to it22:09
stekernsomeone pasted a patch with a fix to the ocfb linux driver, I should test that with it too22:10
robtaylorolofk: nice!22:12
olofkstekern: Yeah, that would be cool. Make sure to include some pictures and schematics of the actual setup so that people can understand how to add their own peripherals22:15
stekernI have some ascii docs actually, mostly to support myself if the wires would fall off ;)22:16
olofkstekern: Was it the de0_nano you used for the Amiga emulator port (can't remember the name f it)22:16
olofkYeah. Wires have a tendency to do that22:16
olofkoh well. That's it for tonight.22:16
stekernminimig, and yes, the de0_nano22:17
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