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olofk_franck_: I'm changing neek.core to use filesets instead. It's the only core I can see that uses the VHDL section, and I want get rid of that12:38
olofkooohh... I never looked at that file. It's really pretty with all the comments :)12:39
_franck__olofk: yes, it is. It could become a *.core template :)12:44
olofkAbsolutely. And it will become even prettier when I have introduced the shiny new fileset features :)12:47
olofkah. fuck it. Forgot that I don't have Cyclone III support in my Quartus :(12:48
olofkThe generated tcl file looks ok though.12:50
olofk_franck_: Do you have time to do a test build with the new .core file before I push it?12:51
olofkOr anyone else with a Quartus installation that can build Cyclone III devices12:51
olofkoh... do the latest free Altera Modelsim version support mixed-language?13:00
_franck__olofk: I was about to try but I'm stuck at: "Downloading vga_lcd from OpenCores" :(13:03
olofkdoh. cyclone III is not supported after quartus 13.113:03
olofk_franck_: hmm.. opencores is accessible. Wonder if it's a FuseSoC bug13:04
_franck__well I'm behind a proxy and I had some trouble with fusesoc13:05
olofkYou can extract this to your fusesoc cache
olofkI just hope it's not many other cores :)13:06
_franck__olofk: that's not easy, my virtualbox is in bad shape, I'll try to test that later13:09
_franck__plus, I need to install quartus 13.0 at home if I want to use my neek again (I got a new PC)13:10
olofk_franck_: I'll just send you the updated .core file and you can add it whenever you got time to test it. ok?13:12
olofk...or actually. If the generated Quartus .tcl is similar to the old one, it should be ok to push13:37
olofkTurns out that the neek core has actually been broken for a while :)13:40
olofkI really really really should add CI to orpsoc-cores and fusesoc :/13:40
olofkSo I'll push now. With the updated .core file FuseSoC will at least not crash13:44
* ams` looks at juliusb and olofk.14:27
_franck__olofk: i didn't know we could do this kind of things:
_franck__append  a [is_include_file] (or any other property) to a single file14:29
olofk_franck_: It's pretty new. You like it?14:32
_franck__well, I prefer diffrent sections for different purpose14:36
olofk_franck_: You can have as many sections as you want actually. You could do a fileset that only includes the include files instead, and set is_include_file=true for the fileset14:40
* olofk is trying to hide from ams`s seductive eyes14:41
_franck__olofk: I thought setting is_include_file=true for the fileset for the entire section was the only option. FuseSoC user's guide was clear about that :)14:49
olofkGoogle should have GSoD instead to get kids to do all the documentation :)15:01
_franck__THAT's a good idea !15:03
_franck_olofk: there is a problem with sdc files, fusesoc generates set_global_assignment -name SDC_FILE data/neek.sdc20:15
_franck_but there is no data directory in bld-quartus20:16
_franck_../src/neek/ is missing in front of data/neek.sdc20:17
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