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andrzejr_so, I've added support for 8/16b access in wb_bfm and it works well. Too well, in fact - a wb slave which is broken in hw (8/16b access) passes the test just fine. :-/02:16
andrzejr_made a pull request
andrzejr_would be good if someone could test it with an existing and working memory slave.02:52
andrzejr_the code assumes 8/16b accesses are aligned to 32b and bytes/half-words are selected with wb_sel.02:53
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olofkandrzejr_: Awesome. I'll take a look at it09:26
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andrzejr_olofk, I've redesigned wb_data_resizer again. In 8bit mode it behaves as your implementation - only allows 8b access, although it now also signals an error if it is accessed in 16 or 32bit mode.22:39
olofkandrzejr_: Ahh. that's a good feature22:40
andrzejr_In 16bit mode it currently allows only 16b access, and signals an error for 32b or 8b accesses.22:40
andrzejr_We could in theory allow 8b accesses for those slaves that support it but then wb_data_resize would have to have a wbs_sel_o signal. So for now, I didn't bother with that.22:41
olofkandrzejr_: Did you do your changes in orpsoc-cores?22:42
andrzejr_yes, but I haven't pushed them yet22:42
andrzejr_still testing22:42
olofkBecause latest versions of wb_bfm and wb_intercon are in separate repositories now22:42
olofkwb_bfm-1.0 and wb_intercon-1.022:42
olofkI don't think there are many changes to wb_interon, but wb_bfm is quite different from the old version in orpsoc-cores22:43
andrzejr_I've put it here for now:
andrzejr_hmm.. I assumed version 1.0 was an older core "before upstreaming". atlys used the ones from orpsoc-cores22:48
andrzejr_are there any significant changes in 1.0?22:48
olofkYeah. Sorry about that. I'm trying to change all the cores to use a version number, but I haven't really communicated that22:50
olofkFor wb_intercon, there are only small changes, and wb_data_resize is identical, so the patch should apply there too22:51
olofkBut if you're doing any work on wb_bfm, please use the one in
andrzejr_Thanks, I'll switch both cores to version 1.022:53
olofkCool. And sorry about not being more clear on that22:54
andrzejr_olofk, wb_data_resize works fine here, maybe you could check on your side if it doesn't break anything that was working before23:28
olofkI'll try to take a look tomorrow23:37
olofkGood night23:37
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