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olofkstekern, _franck_ : Any objections against smacking on a BSD header on vpi_wrapper.c in elf-loader? It's just a wrapper file08:34
stekernhave I done anything in that?08:35
stekernif so, you have my blessing at least08:35
olofkGood. Your name turned up in git blame, but it looks like minor things08:36
_franck__olofk: shouldn't be difficult09:08
olofkAny difference between MIT and BSD licenses? And do I have to put in the full text in the source file?10:10
bentley`yes, there are minor differences10:11
bentley`you should put the full text somewhere, might as well put it in the source file10:12
bentley`at the very least, the source file should say something like "this file is under the XXX license, whose full text is available in the LICENSE file blah blah blah..."10:13
bentley`bsd is and mit is
bentley`personally i favor isc (, but they're all pretty much the same...10:14
bentley`well, i should be careful about saying that. but these three licenses at least are pretty much the same.10:15
olofkbentley`: Ah cool. That was actually the one I was looking for10:15
_franck__olofk: didn't read the backlog when I wrote "shouldn't be difficult". So yes for license header and "shouldn't be difficult" for endian aware elf-loader.10:39
robtaylorolofk: its sometime better to use apache, which is basically MIT written in stronger legal terms11:06
stekernbut that's afaik not compatible with gpl, if that's a concern11:09
robtaylorGPLv2 due to clarification of patent rights11:10
stekernah, right, there was a difference between gpl v2 and v311:11
stekernin terms of compatibility with apache11:12
robtayloryeah, in some ways it was apache clarifying patent positions that help form the patent positions in gpl v311:19
bentley`i'm not a fan of apache... the simpler licenses do just fine at providing an implicit patent grant11:30
bentley`and apache's patent grant has some added implications to users: if you ever file a patent lawsuit involving the licensed material, you instantly lose the patent grant, forever, no recourse11:31
bentley`even if you only file over a small infringing part, and even if it's really infringing, you lose the ability to use anything, even the parts you didn't sue over11:32
olofk_franck_: Thanks for the clarification. I actually pushed it already. Turned out that your and stekern's addition were only small changes11:33
bentley`to me, though, apache's biggest sin is its complexity: what it does in 1500 words of lawyerese, isc does effectively in 100 words ;)11:36
bentley`ok, i'll stop license marauding now...11:36
robtaylorbentley`: I know andrew katz is of the option that apache 2 holds up better legally13:14
robtaylorbentley`: and he's the only lawyer I know who has a speciality in open hardware licensing :)13:15
robtaylorthough of course he's EU focused13:15
robtaylorymmv ianal etc13:15
_franck__olofk: fusesoc sim mor1kx-generic -h starts compilation before it displays help text13:42
olofk_franck_: Yeah, I know. Haven't fixed that14:34
olofkpatch please? :)14:34
_franck__sorry no patch :) I have no time for that14:40
_franck__I wish I had14:40
olofkandrzejr_: Are your isim and xsim patches for FuseSoC in good shape. I would like to add them and release a new FuseSoC version soon17:22
olofkandrzejr_: I rebased your tree against my master. Planning to try out the isim support now17:35
wbxhi. nobody with any idea about: ?18:12
andrzejr_olofk, they are both working and I do not plan adding anything19:11
andrzejr_xsim currently runs in gui mode because I was too lazy to figure out how to start the "stand-alone" waveform viewer19:12
andrzejr_I mostly use xsim, it is more stable (the simulator itself) than isim. Feels like a new/supported version of isim.19:14
olofkandrzejr_: Agree. It's better, even though it's annoying that they still haven't implemented VPI support21:19
olofkandrzejr_: Do you have anything I can use to test isim? Tried wb_intercon, but it complains on $clog2. Maybe I need to turn on vlog2005 support21:21
olofkStupid Isim. Can't find a single core in orpsoc-cores that I can test it with21:44
olofkok, ethmac seems to work at least21:46
olofkandrzejr_: I'm pushing the isim patch. Probably test xsim tomorrow.21:57
olofkAre you happy with the coregen provider stuff too?21:58
andrzejr_olofk, you can try
andrzejr_although it is a bit out of date and afair isim was crashing on it during simulation23:06
andrzejr_I am fine with coregen provider. No further changes planned.23:07
andrzejr_I was going to make a provider for wb_interconn and/or a generic provider for "script" but haven't got to it yet.23:08
andrzejr_The only problem I have with using providers for code generation is naming. "fetch" or "downloaded" do not fit this model well and that leaks to UI and error messages.23:13
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