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olofkAnyone got the riscv32 toolchain installed?08:34
olofkHaving some problems installing the riscv32 toolchain.15:29
olofkAhh.. the elf-loader in orpsoc-cores is hardcoded to big endian :)21:30
olofkhesham: Just remembered that you discovered the same thing just a week ago, right?21:31
heshamolofk: Yeah, but that was with the Icarus/elfloader, not the or1k ROM21:32
heshamAnyway, I am almost done with a RISC-V SREC bootloader on Atlys21:32
olofkhesham: That's awesome!21:33
heshamIt runs a led blinker program so far21:33
olofkI'm just adding Clifford Wolf's picorv32 core now, so it looks like we suddenly got lots of riscv support :)21:33
heshamMaybe you would use my srec loader then :)21:34
olofkhesham: I saw that you asked how I was planning to upload the image with the IHEX/SREC bootloader21:34
heshamYeah, I mean the host program21:34
olofkI just thought I could pipe the UART somehow21:34
heshamI am using minicom/ascii uploader21:35
olofkBut my original plan was to implement a zmodem bootloader21:35
olofkThat would probably be much faster21:35
heshamWould zmodem work with ascii files?21:35
olofkNo, it's binary, but much faster21:35
olofkI realized that it would take ~1 hour to transfer a linux hex image21:36
heshamwhat about the binary format? I mean addresses, count, etc21:36
heshamI don't know how they're encoded with zmodem/binary files21:36
olofkI don't remember right now, but I read the spec... which was last updated in 1986 btw :)21:36
olofkBasically, zmodem was made to replace xmodem, ymodem and kermit21:37
heshamBut from the or1k side, the rom would understand ascii, or elf, or what?21:37
olofkzmodem is basically a way to packetize a binary stream21:37
olofkover UART21:38
olofkLike TCP for the 80's21:38
heshamAh, OK, I might give it a try also21:39
heshamBut for now, I am happy with my srec loader21:39
olofkYeah, I think that's great as long as the programs aren't too large21:39
olofkI think Arduino uses the same mechanism to upload programs21:40
heshamYes, I am using it just for testing21:40
olofk_franck_: You've done most of the stuff on the elf-loader. Do you know how hard it would be to make it endian-aware?21:41
heshamWould it make sense to integrate RISC-V/cores into orpsoc-core/fusesoc repos?21:41
heshamBoth for scripts + cores' repos21:41
olofkhesham: Absolutely. I think it would be great to have many cores there. This might however be a good time to change the name from orpsoc-cores to fusesoc-base, fusesoc-cores or fusesoc-standard or something like that21:43
heshamI totally agree21:44
olofkIt's no problem to have the riscv cores in a separate core library either, but I think it would be cool to present a large standard core repository to the fusesoc users21:44
olofkIt's also a bit harder to handle dependencies between many core libraries.21:45
olofkI already renamed orpsocv3 to fusesoc a few years ago. Should have renamed the library at the same time :/21:46
olofkOh well. This is easier. Now, please start bikeshedding what we should call the standard library :)21:46
heshamAll the cores there would/should be wishbone compliant? Right?21:48
olofkNot necessarily. We got a lot of infrastructure for wishbone, but that's just because no one has bothered to do anything similar for other buses21:50
heshamThe good thing is you've many wishbone compliant cores that can be just "plugged" and used there.21:51
heshamThat's why I have been working on getting RISC-V core there, to use other already-there cores21:52
olofkYeah. Reuse is great21:52
olofkOne of the biggest reasons for doing FuseSoC was that I was so dead tired of everyone reimplementing stuff in their own repos :)21:53
heshamAnd of course, now a RISC-V-based fusesoc can work on other orpsoc-supported FPGA boards21:53
olofkYeah. That's really cool21:53
heshamI believe fusesoc resolved this issue.21:54
olofkThat's great to hear21:57
olofkNow we only need more cores :)21:57
olofkGood night22:04
olofkhesham: Looking forward to see your work. Both on the bootloader and the RTL stuff22:05
heshamolofk: Good night. The Icarus/Hello world version works fine.22:05
heshamI'd send an e-mail or something once I'm done with the FPGA/hello world thing22:06
olofkSounds good. Thanks22:07
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