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_franck_andrzejr: olofk did a pull request to add this:
wallentohi andrezejr07:57
wallentono, andrzejr07:58
wallentowe have some debug stuff for the trace ports. sorry I did not follow the entire discussion07:58
bandvigHello all!08:34
bandvigstekern: IMMU and DMMU contain HW-reload logic. However, there isn't support the feature in software, am I right?08:36
stekernno, software reload is the default08:36
bandvigSo, HW-reload support could be activated. By the way, how?08:39
stekernthere's some parameter, which I can't remember the name of ;)08:40
stekernah, now I understand your first question, you didn't ask about sw reload of the tlbs08:40
stekernyou asked for sw support of the hw reload08:41
stekernyeah, you need some patches for linux, I have them in some branch somewhere08:41
stekernthere (I hope) ;)08:42
bandvigok, thanks08:43
olofkjuliusb_: I think ghdl also uses LLVM internally10:14
olofkghdl is more advanced. Supports most of VHDL2008 IIRC. One drawback is that it's written in ADA10:15
olofkSo... do we have a cache problem in Linux?11:25
stekernolofk: yes, I've spoke to the guy in private mails11:51
stekernI don't quite get how we have not hit any bugs related to that before though11:51
olofkstekern: That's what I was thinking as well. Looked like a severe bug12:24
olofkBut there has been some talks about cache problems here recently12:25
olofkMaybe some other linux changes that uncovered this?12:25
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andrzejrolofk, I have checked this patch with my hardware with memory bursts enabled - same symptoms as without the patch (kernel crashes or gets stuck during boot and there is no output to the console)20:19
andrzejrsince my issue is solved by disabling bursting in the DDR2 WB slave it is most likely hw related.20:21
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