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andrzejrysionneau, is arty-soc your project?07:43
andrzejrinteresting approach to solving problems with xilinx ddr controller - reimplement everything from scratch. :-)07:46
poke53281olofk: There is another one in the musl chat who complains about busybox compilation.07:50
ysionneauandrzejr: it's not "my project", but I'm working on it with _florent_09:24
ysionneauso far it's just a port of MiSoC on the arty board so "project" is a big word09:24
ysionneaubut it's also meant to be a logic analyzer (see the other target) which then can be called a project :)09:25
olofkandrzejr, ysionneau: I really like that MiSoC has a tech-independent DDR2/3 controller. Would love to see some more DFI backends for different FPGAs too11:07
olofkBut from experience I know that this part can be tricky. FPGA vendors like to use a lot of undocumented primitives and weird tricks for their DDR* PHYs11:08
olofkpoke53281: Lol. They spent hours last night discussing how bad utmp was. This guy just missed out on that :)11:11
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ysionneauolofk: yes it's cool!13:30
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ysionneauI think (hope) soon there will also be a working DDR controller on Artix devices13:30
GeneralStupidhi is anyone there who might help me debugging my openrisc?20:27
olofkGeneralStupid: Bring it on. Might not be able to help you right now though20:35
GeneralStupidI think about switching to IDE with OpenOCD Plugin ...20:35
GeneralStupidIf i load a compiled program with openocd it does not run...20:37
GeneralStupidIt does nothing :)20:37
olofkGeneralStupid: You're holding it wrong20:38
olofkCan you upload it with openocd command line?20:38
GeneralStupidolofk: telnet? i tried openocd's telnet and openocd with GDB20:39
olofkYes. I was thinking of the telnet approach. It's easiest20:45
olofkOne thing to watch out for is that you need to compile the elf with gcc. Just using as doesn't work20:45
GeneralStupidolofk: the elf? :/20:46
GeneralStupidi compiled my code20:47
olofkYes, the elf. As long as you used gcc, it should be ok. Have you verified that openocd connects ok?20:53
_franck_$/nicklist screen21:02
olofkGeneralStupid: I think that should be ok. You could correct the tap id just in case21:09
olofkGot to sleep now. Good luck21:09
GeneralStupidolofk: thank you21:09
andrzejrGeneralStupid, do the usual openocd commands work? (halt, resume, mdw 0 256, etc)21:17
GeneralStupidandrzejr: looks like they work21:18
andrzejrwhat do you see when you upload the program and jump to 0x100 manually?21:20
GeneralStupidandrzejr: hmmm can you give me your commands ?21:22
andrzejrload_image program_file_name.elf 0 elf21:27
andrzejrreg npc 0x10021:27
GeneralStupid> load_image Hello.elf 0 elf21:30
GeneralStupidcouldn't open Hello.elf21:30
_franck_GeneralStupid: use full path21:31
GeneralStupid_franck_: thanks, that looks good... but still looks like nothing happens21:39
andrzejryou can stop (halt) the program at any time and see what it is doing (reg npc, set breakpoints etc)21:42
GeneralStupidandrzejr: ok - i see that he changes the addresses, so it looks like the CPU is running21:43
andrzejrif you want to see where in the program you are do "or1k-elf-objdump -D program_file_name.elf | less" and search for the address21:44
GeneralStupidokay, i tooked the gpio module and removed that input output stuff and just used one direction21:45
GeneralStupidBut i left gpio_dir_o empty... But this had already worked21:46
GeneralStupidoh my ... i started to implement the communication to the LC Display...22:00
GeneralStupidmaybe... my core is a bit "misconfigured"22:00
GeneralStupidno did not work22:05
GeneralStupidwhere can i see the wishbone bus configuration (e.g. memory addresses)  in a build project?22:09
GeneralStupidgot it, looks ok22:14
GeneralStupidbut my led's are not working :/22:27
GeneralStupidi checked the addresses22:27
GeneralStupidand now i checked the pinning22:27
GeneralStupidlooks okay22:27
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