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seboHi, have I understood it correctly that friday is just for the lowrisc workshop and that presentations start on saturday?12:19
juliusbpretty much, yes.12:19
juliusbthere will be presentations on the Friday which will be focused on lowRISC and some RISC-V stuff12:19
juliusbI don't know exactly what is planned, but all are welcome to attend12:19
juliusbit'll roll into a more general conference12:20
seboOkay, so the Risc-V presentations like "Small footprint RISC-V core in Verilog" and "Reduced Complexity ManyCore (RC/MC)" might be held on friday?12:21
juliusbit's not clear yet, hopefully we can schedule them during the general conference12:28
juliusbI need to find out yet.12:29
juliusbAlex of lowRISC is organising the Friday, but we've not yet divvied up the talks.12:29
seboI understand, thank you.12:29
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mithroJust saw this -> - I am offering 1000 Euro for those who document the Spartan6 FPGA Family.17:57
GeneralStupid1000? :-D18:16
olofkFinally booked flight to orconf. Now I just need to book a hotel too :)20:45
olofkI suck at travelling20:46
robtaylorolofk: heh20:49
robtaylorolofk: i booked a hotel in geneva, apparently thats the wrong place to book a hotel for cern..20:49
olofkI heard other people booking ones near the airport. I'll probably go for one of those21:00
olofkBut at least you get to see more of Geneva than just the airport and a conference room21:01
robtaylorolofk: tbh its only an 21min tram ride from gare Cornavin to CERN21:02
robtaylorso not really all that bad21:02
robtaylorI'm staying at hotel excelsior, got a room for ~240£21:02
andrzejrIs there anything special about addresses N*0x40+(0x7~0xa)? I am struggling with a bug which slows down CPU (cache off) ~10x when a debug core (rs232-syscon) accesses these (and only these) locations.22:51
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