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latifHi all,  I have been working on orpsoc-v2 implemantation with or1k-elf- toochain on Atlys board for 6 months. I have made many application such as adding IP, booting spi flash, simulations etc.18:10
latifFor 3 weeks, I am trying to boot Linux kernel on Atlys board by using u-boot bootloader and last version of linux kernel on the offical web-site github/openrisc/linux. I think I am doing everything correctly but there becomes a really interesting error or how you call.. The kernel image uImage is transfered successfully to the board by u-boot. (tftp uImage)18:11
latifThen I am writing the execution command "bootm 100000". It starts running and says like; "veryfing checksum ....ok "loading kernel image...ok "ok"18:11
latifAfter the last "ok" it stops running!!! And doing nothing!!! I am waiting but absolutely nothing is changing.!! I made so many trying and different variation of kernel image but I got absolutely the same result everytime!! Please suggest me your ideas or solutions!!18:12
latifI really need your help, of course if you have time and if you can help!18:12
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