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latifhi all... There is a silly error while trying to make "make defconfig" in linux folder.. It says that: net/Kconfig:80: can't open file "net/ipv4/Kconfig" gets an error.. I am using or1k toolchain and latest linux folder from github... Anyone has an idea???09:46
latifBy the way, I have made export CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-elf- and export ARCH=openrisc.09:48
stekernlatif: try make or1ksim_defconfig10:00
latifstekern: sorry, but the same error again!!10:23
stekernlatif: wait, I'll try10:38
latifstekern: thanks a lot. By the way, I did not came across such an error before although I tried it many times. Another problem is that ; I am trying to boot linux on Atlys board. So I prepare a uImage from vmlinux file. Then by using uboot I load it to the atlys board. Then I make bootm 100000 to run kernel image.. It starts like; veryfing checksum..ok, loading kernel image..ok .. But then ,at that exactly, it stops running!! I could n10:43
stekernat that point it jumps into the kernel10:44
stekernor at least it should ;)10:44
latif"at that point it jumps into the kernel" but,  if so, it should print something on terminal, rigth? :)10:48
stekernyeah, but that's pretty far into the boot10:52
stekernso either the kernel hangs before first uart output, or it doesn't jump to the correct place10:53
olofklatif: Does this mean that you've managed to boot from Flash now? :)10:55
stekernlatif: did a fresh checkout from the repo olofk mentioned and built it without problems11:11
latifstekern: which repo?? I am using this repo riigth now ...
stekernlatif: exactly that11:17
latifstekern: the error is the same again.. it says: net/Kconfig:80: can't open file "net/ipv4/Kconfig"11:19
stekerntry: make mrproper && make or1ksim_defconfig && make -j811:20
latifstekern: ./scripts/Makefile.clean:14: drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/Makefile: No such file or directory make[4]: *** No rule to make target `drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/Makefile'.  Stop.11:21
latifthis is a different error again11:21
stekerntry to checkout the tree again, yours seems broken11:21
latifok. let me download it again11:22
latifolofk: Sorry. But I could not. I am using v2. I have made a simulation and on board (atlys) test for both version.. It seems that, for v3, if you write something to the wb_addr serialy, it makes silly things.. I mean, lets say firs instruction is "write 0x445 to r4" and then second instruciton is "write 0x798 to r5" , it makes the first successfully but not the same for second.!! So I think it is an error or something else about the m11:29
latifstekern: Sorry. But I got the same error again and again.11:31
stekernlatif: don't know what to say, it works here(tm)11:32
latifstekern: you just download and then make defconfig, thats all??11:34
stekernno, make or1ksim_defconfig11:34
latifok.. but I do the same exactly.. how it happens ??11:35
stekerngit clone
stekerncd linux11:36
stekernexport CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-elf-11:36
stekernexport ARCH=openrisc11:36
stekernmake or1ksim_defconfig11:36
stekernmake -j811:37
stekernthat was the exact commands I did11:37
latifstekern: May be it comes comic but, I am doing the same... Ok I will do it again now..11:37
latifstekern. By the way.. what does -j8 means??11:38
stekernjust to do a parallel build, it's not necessary11:39
latifhmm.. after the last command a vmlinux file is created, can you please check the size of it??11:40
stekern-rwxrwxr-x 1 stefan stefan 11M Sep  2 14:11 vmlinux11:41
latifAs long as I know, the last command should convert the vmlinux to vmlinux.bin but why does not it do it??11:42
latifsorry about the last bad sentences :)11:42
latifok. should we convert it to vmlinux.bin before getting it to uImage file??11:43
stekernno, only vmlinux (elf) is produced by the linux build11:47
stekernto get vmlinux.bin, do: or1k-elf-objcopy -O binary vmlinux vmlinux.bin11:47
latifyeah I know. But do we need it before convert it to a uImage file..?? I will use it on ATLYS11:48
latifI mean we should convert the vmlinux to vmlinux.bin rigth? If we want to use it on board...11:49
stekernah, yes, you'll need the .bin to create the uImage11:50
latifstekern: I can not believe.. No error this time :) it is building  now11:52
latifSometimes this work comes me so comic really :)) I am doing the same until the morningg.. just the difference is make defcong--make or1ksim_defconfig. I think, if you do something on linux file wrong, you should not use it again..11:55
latifor the error is about the download method maybee.. I was using normal download from git hub.. like download zip file..11:56
latifstekern: I have run linux kernel on simulator successfully. But it does not work on Atlys board. It stuck again as it did; veryfing checksum..ok...loading kernel image..ok...then it stops running.!14:26
_franck__latif: did you check your devicetree ?14:56
latifDo you mean atlys.dts file?15:01
latif_franck_: I am using the dts file that is used in orpsocv3 project15:02
_franck__ok. Did you edit your linux configuration in order to use _this_ devicetree ?15:04
latifYes, of course15:04
latifI did choose that in menuconfig phase15:04
_franck__ok great15:04
latifWhat do you suggest me to do?15:05
_franck__well I have no more idea15:08
latiffranck: are you using atlys board?? if so, can you please send me the dts file for atlys15:10
_franck__no I don't. I have Altera DE1 and NEEK boards15:10
latifDoes anyone know how long it takes to boot linux after loading the kernel image from u-boot???16:40
juliusb<10 seconds?16:47
latifjulisb: I am having trouble with booting linux on atlys.. It stops running after loading image... I cannot solve the problem for a while... do you have an idea?? or can you send me an proved-image for atlys??17:04
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