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olofkwbx: The best supported board is probably de0 nano, but we have ready-made builds for atlys, de1, neek and sockit as well07:06
olofkThere are de2 and nexys4 ports available as well, but they are not in the main tree07:06
wbxolofk: is there a shop or something like this, where I can buy a ready-to-go board? wann test uClibc on the board.07:34
olofkwbx: You can buy boards from many places. Not sure where you are from, but RS electronics, Digikey, etc probably has boards07:45
olofkPython packaging is a fucking mess18:31
olofkEverytime I look at it, there is some new solution that intends to make the other ones obsolete18:34
olofkI'll try setuptools. It seems like that refuses to die no matter how hard the python devs try18:37
olofkok, so I need ez_setup to install setuptools? WHAT THE FUCK??18:37
arandLooking at
arandI can't find the newlib: ce2a0366 commit anywhere in any repo?19:21
arandAnd to start from the original question, if I were to build the latest "stable release" of the newlib or1k toolchain, what would I pick?19:22
arandolofk: I'm afraid that page answers none of my specific questions, as far as I can see?20:55
arandolofk: Hmm, though I see you updated that page quite recently, so I guess the versions pointed out there is considered the latest stable?21:01
arandFor or1k-gcc, is the master branch continously stable?21:03
arand(for some relative concept of "stable")21:03
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