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wbxis there any hardware I can buy to experiment with openrisc?05:42
daliaswbx, perhaps ?06:19
daliasdoh, out of stock06:20
daliasperhaps here?
wbxit is out-of-stock since more than 3 months06:24
wbxi regulary visit the site.06:24
wbxdalias: did you test the musl port just with qemu?06:24
dalias :-)06:25
daliasi hardly tested it at all until well after it was committed tho06:26
daliasstekern did most of the work on the port06:26
wbxi always try to get hardware to test stuff. not only qemu.06:26
daliasi have a xilinx fpga board that might be possible to get or1k on in theory; i dunno06:27
wbxwill try to add or1k qemu testing for 1.1.11 musl tests...06:27
wbxi have a xilinx board, too. but I am not skilled enough to program the fpga.06:28
wbxneed to learn the xilinx tools. vivado and such stuff.06:29
daliasi don't know how much board-specific stuff you have to do to hook up external connections06:29
daliaslike usb, ethernet, ...06:29
wbxat the moment it is my testbed for Xtensa.06:29
wbxbut i think nios2/microblaze/or1k could be programmed, too.06:29
daliasmine is testbed for j2 (sh2 based) but i have 2 boards and one is not in use06:30
daliasand the one that's not in use has a buggy fpga bitstream on it right now so it's not terribly useful :-p06:31
wbxdalias: have you used any xilinx tools to reprogramm? my cd doesn't work in my mac. need to get another machine or my work windows laptop :)06:33
daliaswbx, no, it's somewhere on my todo list, just lower priority.16:59
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