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amatusanyone have a copy of gdb built that can run in jor1k?02:06
poke53281as far as I know, there is no port to run gdb on openrisc.08:06
poke53281strace and ltrace are the only debugging tools available.08:07
olofkandrzejr: The twr file should be in $workspace/build/atlys/bld-ise09:14
olofkAnd there isn't vivado support in FuseSoC yet. It's on my todo list09:14
olofkAnd that stupid dvi_clk problem pops up from time to time. I think we had four bug reports about that09:15
olofkJust try to move the bufg to the toplevel. That will make it more likely to work09:15
andrzejrolofk, strangely, there is no twr file there, what it is supposed to do?10:42
andrzejrmaybe because the flow was terminated with an error after P&R step?10:44
andrzejranyway, I don't have an atlys board. Just wanted to build that example as a reference for working on nexys system.10:45
p1oooopI take it that the process to compile the linux kernel using clang / llvm is... not there yet.16:50
stekern_p1oooop: I've succesfully done it21:10
poke53281Linux to compile with llvm?21:26
p1oooopstekern_: so I guess it is possible... hehe.21:41
p1ooooppoke53281: compile the linux kernel using llvm instead of gdb21:41
ysionneaucompile with llvm ... or gdb?21:43
ysionneauyou mean compile with clang, instead of gcc21:43
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