IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2015-06-11

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blueCmdtsk tsk22:09
blueCmdmor1kx_v3 doesn't have mork1x_rf_ram22:09
blueCmdoh, I'm stupid. I'm using mor1kx-2.2.core22:10
blueCmdso yes, that seems reasonable22:10
blueCmd*sigh*. now I need to install fusesoc just to use orpsoc-cores, it would be so much better to just have submodules ;)22:14
blueCmdhm. verilator doesn't like wb_common.v:22:52
blueCmd%Error: /home/blueCmd/mexiko/rtl/orpsoc/../orpsoc-cores/cores/wb_common/wb_common.v:17: $error only allowed under an assertion.22:52
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