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Streepjehi, i was wondering if there is a simulator for or1k which can give timing results. I want to know how long basic blocks take to execute.11:26
StreepjeI don't think that looking at the trace of instructions will help, because it won't show that the pipeline is stalled11:28
juliusbStreepje: using cycle counters on the RTL simulations (either in Icarus or the faster Verilated model) will give you accurate results. None of the simulators model the pipelines accurate, as far as I'm aware13:01
juliusbbut then stalls due to memory accesses will depend on the implementation you're interested in (ie. is it accessing a DRAM or zero wait-state on-chip SRAM?)13:02
juliusbbut the generic implementations in fusesoc are probably your best bet, I don't know if there's cycle counter instrumentation in there at present (either the architectural ones or "third party" ones), so that might be a bit of fun work for you :)13:03
Streepjeah thanks13:12
Streepjei'll have a look at the rtl simulations13:14
blueCmdolofk: # ** Error: (vsim-3009) [TSCALE] - Module 'wb_bfm_transactor' does not have a timeunit/timeprecision specification in effect, but other modules do.21:36
blueCmdI'll just add it to my local copy but might be worth adding. I can add an issue if you want to21:37
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