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Streepjedoes anybody know what the status is of the llvm compiler for or1k?15:17
Streepjebecause i tried compiling a program with the llvm compiler, but it won't generate correct binaries15:17
stekernStreepje: It definetely have some deficiencies, but fairly complex programs should still work. What do you have problems with=15:46
Streepjeeeeeh, i had a problem with compiling, but now i do it again and it just works15:57
Streepjei tried all sorts of things for about an hour but could not compile a simple program15:57
Streepjeunbelievable :s15:57
Streepjethe problems that i had, had to do with the assembler i think16:02
Streepjeif i use the command clang --target=or1k-elf test.c -o test, everything works16:03
Streepjebut using clang --target=or1k-elf -c test.c -o test, the simulator says "This ELF is not an executable."16:03
Streepjebut anyway, it works now, so thanks :P16:06
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blueCmdolofk: I'm re-starting my work on a wb-axi4 bridge20:59
blueCmdlet me know if there is anyone that has done this already while I have been inactive21:00
blueCmd(also: ping stekern if he knows)21:00
olofkblueCmd: Not that I know at least. Would be great to have. Let us know if you want any help21:09
olofkblueCmd: Are you targeting axi4lite or full axi4?21:10
blueCmdaxi4lite, there are official protocol conversions between axi4 <-> axi4lite21:12
blueCmdmight be worth getting a pure axi4 conversion later to have more streamlined bursts21:13
blueCmdbut axi4lite will allow using everything axi4 for now, if I understand it correctly21:13
blueCmdolofk: I'm thinking of using wb_bfm_transactor to test a AXI4 block memory. (wb_bfm_transactor -> wb-axi4lite -> axi4lite-axi4 -> axi4 memory)21:14
blueCmdlet me know if you have any concerns21:14
olofkI think that's a good idea. Using a axi4 memory will save you from implementing an axi4 slave bfm to test things21:17
olofkFull axi4 has a lot of extra features. Most of them probably won't be used very much, but it would be nice to have bursting21:18
olofkBut starting with axi4lite is good. Most peripherals use axi4lite, since you only do single accesses anyway21:18
olofkCan still do wishbone to the memories (or wb->axi4lite->axi4 with reduced performance)21:19
blueCmdyes. I want to use the MIG stuff for my DDR3 controller21:57
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